Engine Line UP – 1964-1966 Griffith

Ok…how many of you stopped to Google Griffith?

Not a commonly mentioned classic car, right?

Well the Griffith was developed by a Ford dealer, Jeff Griffith.  It was a tubular frame with a British TVR body bolted on.  He produce the cars in that configuration, until the source of the TVR bodies dried up he found replacement with a sleeker (nicer looking in my option) by Intermeccanica in Italy.

So what powered this homogenized sports car?

Well since Jeff was a “Ford” guy so you can bet he at least had a Ford iron block in the mix.  The total production of the Griffith was 285 cars from 1964 t0 1966.

The TVR Body looks great!!!

The TVR Body looks great!!!

This 1964 Griffith in the British TVR body had two engine options.  Both were Ford 289.   Both were overhead valve and had cast iron blocks.  The first option had a bore and stroke 4.00″ x 2.88″ and a compression ratio of 9.0:1.  Five main bearing and hydraulic lifters topped with a Ford model C3AF-9510B two barrel it produced 195 bhp.  The second option matched up with the first option, except with a higher compression ratio (10.5:1) and topped with the Ford model C30F-9410AJ “4” barrel. That boosted the bhp to 271!!!  That’s a heck of a jump…but wait…keep in mind this car weighted only 1450 lbs!!!!    Think about that!!!!!

Love the British Racing Grreen in this '65 Griffith

Love the British Racing Green in this ’65 Griffith

For 1965,  TVR bodied car matched the two options in the previous year to the ‘T’.

'65's 289

’65’s 289

1966 was a different animal. No more TVR bodied Griffith, this baby tucked it’s power house iron in an Italian steel body from Intermeccanica.   And like the body…the Ford engine was gone.  In it’s place was a Plymouth V8…yes a MORPAR!!!!  It was an iron block with overhead valves. Bored and stroked to 3.63″ x 3.31″  and a compression ratio of 10.5:1.  Add in the 5 main bearing and solid lifter and top it off with a Carter 4 bbl. carb (ADB3853S) and you could coax 235 bhp out of it.  Not bad…down from the 271 with the Ford 289.   However the car with it’s new Italian designed steel body, weighted over 1000 lbs more then the TVR version, topping the scale at 2540 lbs.

Sharper looking with the new body!!

Sharper looking with the new body!!


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TVR Griffith 200

The TVR Griffith 200 (or Griffith Series 200) was a lightweight fibreglass -body sports car . make was TVR and the model was Griffith 200.

Gary, Indiana, 1958 | Hemmings Daily

Gary, Indiana, 1958 | Hemmings Daily.


I just had to share this photo from Hemmings.

I use to work at a Montgomery Ward back in the mid-70s in the automotive section. I hawked batteries, mufflers, shocks and stick-on compasses.

I use to work at a Montgomery Ward back in the mid-70s in the automotive section. I hawked batteries, mufflers, shocks and stick-on compasses.

So is it Montgomery Ward or Montgomery Wards? That little quirk of midwestern English gets so many English fundamentalists worked up, but as we can see from this photo of the parking lot of the newly opened Montgomery Ward(s) in Gary, Indiana, sometime in 1958, as found on Pleasant Family Shopping‘s excellent post on the mid-century history of the chain store, even the company seemed a little schizophrenic about its naming convention. What do you see here?


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Timmontgomery ward automotive

Some night pictures – MercuryMarauder.net Forums

Worked there many years ago for a little extra money. If you look closely at this one you will notice the passenger side is a little off color wise, good ol DDM headlights. In front of a closed down Montgomery Ward Automotive.
Mall is reassessed at $16 million | The Augusta Chronicle

Montgomery Ward automotive shop would be perfect for maintenance on county vehicles and the cafeteria would be perfect for the jail kitchen. Parking would never be a problem and it is centrally located in Richmond county.

A Photo Shoot – Studebakers The GT Hawk!

As promised we are going to take closer look at the Golden Hawk Gran Turismo (GT).

I really like the Golden Hawk it has very cool lines.

I love the roof line and I live the molding on the pillar, just above the quarter panel.

I love the roof line and I live the molding on the pillar, just above the quarter panel.


I love the ‘muted’ fins…there but not huge…The tail lights are great looking as is the slope of the trunk lid.

Love the curve of the fender that are topped with Chrome,

Love the curve of the fender that are topped with Chrome,


The Gran Trisumo emblem it spectacular and I like the unique placement. Notice the Studebaker emblem on the mirror.


I love the way the fenders end in a single headlight.  The grill…well….I wouldn’t have done.  What I do like about the front end are the vents that end in signal lights.


I like indications of a hood scope and the taper for the hood.  I especially like the way the top fender molding has a slight curve and tapers at the end, above the headlight.  The vent  on the front fender is very cool old school!!!

Last but not least….I would not have those wheels on it…I’d rather have steel wheels and poverty hub cabs.

Your thoughts?

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gt hawk restorationgt hawk restoration

Arlen Vanke’s “Tin Indian” GTO to attend Hemmings Motor News Conc | Hemmings Daily

Love this car!!!

Arlen Vanke’s “Tin Indian” GTO to attend Hemmings Motor News Conc | Hemmings Daily.


1966 Pontiac "Tin Indian" GTO; Image courtesy of Merle Green, Jr.


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pontiac gto drag racing

1969 Pontiac GTO 1/4 mile Drag Racing timeslip specs 0-60 …

Fast 1969 Pontiac GTO 1/4 mile drag racing videos and timeslips.
Jungle Jim and Jungle Pam – Drag Racing Legends | Fast Car TV …

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2014 Camaro Concept Is ALSO Bumblebee In Transformers 4 – LSXTV

If it is reall….I REALLY like it!!!!

2014 Camaro Concept Is ALSO Bumblebee In Transformers 4 – LSXTV.






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2014 camaro


@killer_jane3 see *points to my 2014 Camaro SS*



75 Muscle Cars For Sale

75 Muscle Cars For Sale.


75 Muscle Cars For Sale

297 14 4 Share327


For nearly 40 years, Dave’s Goldwest Auto Wrecking has been buying and selling wrecked muscle cars in Southern California. Sadly, after all these years, they are closing their doors and are selling off all their inventory and land. They have about 75 project muscle cars up for grabs that need to go. If you’re in the region, we would recommend stopping by, even if it’s just to roam the yard.








Video: Edelbrock’s 8th Annual Revved Up 4 Kids Car Show – RodAuthority.com

Video: Edelbrock’s 8th Annual Revved Up 4 Kids Car Show – RodAuthority.com.

Some great cars at the Edelbrock Kids Car show (which kids – big kids?  both!!!)

I love his Malibu!!!  Under appreciated when they came out and still today they are more often thought of as the lesser brother the the Chevelle.


Cragger and the like.  Great looking car.

The End of a Decade – The Mustang Era

Well one thing we can count on  for sure, is that things will always change.

For nearly  10 years my 1970 Mustang has been a great joy.  I’ve taken it from a 6 cylinder lady’s car (I say that purely because it was first owned by a lady, who in turn, handed it down to her daughter and it had some dainty pin striping) to a proud muscle car.

We suffered a couple flat-bed trips, a problematic carb and leaking power steering, an AC unit that got less miles per oz of coolant then the engine did in miles per gallon and invented some new cuss words!

We survived a few charity drag races and won a bunch street light mini drags, took home a couple of car show trophies and placed a lot of smiles on passerby faces and kids when I let them sit behind the wheel.

But things change and I’ve enjoyed my Mustang thoroughly.  But it’s time to move on so my Mustang is going to a new home, where it will enjoy the company of four other Mustangs.

I will miss the old steed but so proud of where it started and where it is now.

So fare well old friend…on to new adventures.

1970 Mustang Mods for 300 HP

1970 Mustang
Mods for 300 HP

So what’s next for me?  Well there is my 1965 Bridgestone motorcycle and many more car shows and SCCA with the my C7 Vette and a surprise coming up….oh…no you are just going to have to wait to find out.

So stay tuned for some more mods, car shows, racing and classic/muscle car reading.

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