Auto Factoids for Week of 8/21/2016 – Oldsmobile, Broadway, Caddies and Rolls

Here are your Auto Factoids for the last full week in Aug 2016.

On Aug. 21st back in 1897 Oldsmobile incorporated to form Oldsmobile Motor Vehicle Co.

1897 Oldsmobile

1897 Oldsmobile


Taking a trip back in time to 1921 and NYC’s Broadway and the first play about cars opened – “Six Cylinder Love”.

– Produced by Sam H. Harris  and held on Broadway in the Sam H. Harris  Theater.

– It was a 3 act comedy and had 344 performances from Aug 25, 1921 to July 1922.

– In 1923 it was adapted to the big screen – albeit silent and again in 1931 with Spencer Tracy!!

Six Cylinder Love (1931)

Six Cylinder Love (1931)


Happy Birthday Charles Rolls – (the Rolls part of Rolls Royce).  He was born Aug 27, 1877 in London, England.

The two-cylinder Royce 10 - Born 1904

The two-cylinder Royce 10 – Born 1904

Check out this great site on Rolls Royce

Jump forward 25 years and Cadillac became a company on the same day in 1902.

This Runnabout is top of the line Caddy back in 1902.

This Runabout is top of the line Caddy back in 1902.


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Auto Factoids for the Week of 2/1/2015 – Kaiser Week

Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) for the first week in Feb. 2015!!! I think we can call this Kaiser Week as 3 of our factoid are related to the Kaiser auto manufacturing. In fact the month starts right off with Kaiser factoid. Feb 1, 1947 – Graham-Paige sold out to Kaiser. …

Auto Factoids for the Week of 3/29/2015

Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) to finish out March and kick off April 2015.   March 29, 1980 – Audi introduced their all wheel drive 1980 Quattro – Not a bad-looking car at that!!! Here are some specs for the Quattro: Engine     2.1 L I5 SOHC 10v Transmission     5-speed manual Dimensions Wheelbase     99.4 …

Auto Factoids for the Week of 4/19/15

Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) for last full week of April 2015. April 22, 1954 – Nash and Hudson merge to from AMC When does this: Nash Rambler PLUS THIS: ’53 Hudson Hornet EQUAL THIS?  : Javlin Well that’s the equation formed when Nash merged with Hudson and produced AMC.   AMC (American Motor Corp) …



1955 Ferrari 375 Plus Cabriolet at the 2016 Elegance at Hershey — Mind over Motor

Ferrari ownership and postwar royalty seem to go hand-in-hand, especially one offs. This 1955 375 Plus Cabriolet is a one-off specialty car built for the ex-King Leopold III of Belgium, and is a mix of the older engineering that put Ferrari on the map in the early Fifties and newer styling features that would later […]

via 1955 Ferrari 375 Plus Cabriolet at the 2016 Elegance at Hershey — Mind over Motor

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A Couple of Mustang Things – Line-Lock and Mustang Crossing

As I work on getting more restoration work on #ProjectSportsRoof I thought I’d share a couple of Mustang things that popped up.

There are a number of reasons I love Ford products, in particular Mustangs.  One of those is the fact that it didn’t need the bailout money a few years back, choosing to tough it out and some of the innovative/purposeful special purpose options.

I recently received my Ford Mustang ‘Go Further’ brochure.  I’m not including the 310 hp they are dragging out of the 2.3L EcoBoost (I’ve often said “I don’t want anything on my dash that says Eco!!!!”  but wow to the 320 lb-ft of torque. Don’t even think bout the 435 hp and 400 lbs-ft of torque from the 5.0L in the GT…come on!!!!  I can do with out the heated and cooled seat…meh…   However, the Track Apps, MagneRide and launch control are bomb.

The most #awesome purpose built is the Electronic Line-Lock!!!!  Come on…that’s what every weekend racing warrior (and spirited every day driving!!) wants a car manufacture to be thinking about!!!    The Electronic Line-Lock keeps the front brakes locked while you ‘warm up’ the Mustang’s rear tires….come on I don’t have that in my Corvette!!!  But maybe I can figure it out for my 1973 ‘Stang.

It looks something like this…exactly like this:


Here’s a great little destination (after you warmed up the tires).  Located at the corner of “No Where” (Hwy 90) and “U’r Lost” (Hwy 82) is this little place called Mustang Crossing.

Great place for a 1973 Mustang photo shoot!!!

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1973 Mustang Project SportsRoof – Exterior Walk-Around

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof.  I run my car projects much like I run my IT projects.  You always have to know where to start and know the end game.   As with any project that isn’t being built from scratch, in other word, you have to work with what you’ve got, …

1929 Detroit Electric Headed Out and 1953 GMC Gas Monkey Garage Build

I’ll say it again, it’s not part of my daily routine (Although I which it was!!!) that I get to deal with some rare cars.   By day I’m the Director of Information Technology for a retail company with stores throughout Arizona  at home I’m a Corvette and Mustang (check out #ProjectSportsRoof) loving car guy.  But today the two intersected and that equaled a cool day.

If you look back at my post entitled Driving a 1929 Detroit Electric Model 97 you’ll get a good look at the Detroit Electric. Today it is headed back to its owner and the owner of our company.

We pushed the Detroit out of the building and into the sun light again – most likely will be its last bit of Arizona UV rays.  This beauty is on its way to Hood River, OR where the owner is loaning it to a transportation museum. The guys in this video, Tom, David, Lynn have worked and lived with this rare mode of transportation for over 10 years. It will be missed.

As if that’s not enough for one post, there’s more to this ‘most excellent day’ (to steal a phrase from Bill and Ted).

It’s tough to pick a transport company to move your special vehicle across country. I have used my share, transporting a Mustang, a Torino, a VW bug and a motorcycle via different carriers and it’s a big deal. The company selected for this rare car was FSI Transport Service and the care the driver showed was very reassuring that this 1929 electric car was in good hands. FSI is operated by Frank and Laura Martinez, out of El Paso, Tx.  Their rig was perfect for the job – being that the Detroit is a bit taller than the average car.

Often the car you are shipping travels with several other cars that are headed the same way. But this time there was only one travel mate for this trip. It just happened to be a beautiful 1953 GMC Custom pickup, according to the driver it build by the folks at Gas Monkey Garage and headed home to the owner.

That’s a beautiful truck and a worthy travel mate for the old electric car.


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Out and About!!! #ProjectSportsRoof

Out and About!!!













detroit electric car

The world’s fastest electric car? – BBC Top Gear

Remember the Detroit Electric SP:01? Announced in 2013, it followed a well-thumbed recipe and promised to be an esoteric entrant in the eco-friendly sports car class. SP:01 Well, it’s back and in production form ahead of official sales in 2015. And it’s a bit different to before, adopting a new fastback …

1953 gmc pickup

Engine Line Up – 1947 Chrysler

There’s not a huge fan club for the 1947 Chrylsers.  They were huge cars weighing well over 3,000 lbs, 18ft long and room for the whole family.  With names like Town & Country, New Yorker, Windsor, Saratoga – these car did demand respect.

1947 Town and Country - that sub-model name was used a lot by Chrysler

1947 Town and Country – that sub-model name was used a lot by Chrysler

You’d think they’d have huge engines to push these around town but the engine line up for 1947 consisted of only 2, one 6 cylinder and one 8 cylinder.

The 6 cylinder was called the Royal/Windsor engine.  It was an L head, cast iron hunk of metal.  With a bore and stroke of 3.438 ” x 4.50 “, five main bearings, solid lifter it displaced 250.6 cubic inches.  With the compression ratio at 6.6:1 (rather low) and topped with various carbs (B-B EV1 or Ev2 or E7L4 – for the fluid drive and B-BEx-1, EX3 or Ex2 for the manual shift) it managed to put out 114 HP’s.

Flat Head L6 Chrysler engine - powered some of these giants.

Flat Head L6 Chrysler engine – powered some of these giants.

The 8 cylinder was labeled Saratoga/New Yorker.  It was a flat headed iron blocked L8.  The bore was smaller than the 6 cylinder @ 3.25″ and the stroke was slightly higher @ 4.875 (nearly 1/2 an inch higher), creating compression ratio of 6.7:1 and displacing 323.5 cid.  It had solid lifters and five main bearings and took in air though a B-B E7A1 carb.  This all produced horse power of about 135 @ 3400 RPMSs

1947 Chrysler Saratoga/New Yorker L8 engine

1947 Chrysler Saratoga/New Yorker L8 engine

I really enjoy  doing Engine Line Up series of blog post. Hopefully you do too!!!!


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Engine Line Up – 1946 Packard

I love writing Engine Line Up pieces. I learn a lot doing the research. Back in 1946 there wasn’t a lot of imagination when it came to naming cars. Packard either named their cars after the engines that powered them or their engines after their car models plus the cylinder count. …

Engine Line Up – 1949 Chevrolet

1949 was the first year after World War II where Chevrolet did a complete maker-over of its offerings, meager in terms of variations as compared to what they would become in the next decade. With only the Special Series 1500 GJ, Deluxe Series GK, each with a Fleetline and Styleline …

Engine Line Up – 1956 Hudson Part I

Think there was much of a choice of engines back in 1956?  Well there were a few for the 1956 Hudson. As was custom back in the 40’s and 50’s, the engines were often named similar to the model of the car they powered.  For the 1956 Hudson, the company had …

Engine Line UP – 1964-1966 Griffith

Ok…how many of you stopped to Google Griffith? Not a commonly mentioned classic car, right? Well the Griffith was developed by a Ford dealer, Jeff Griffith.  It was a tubular frame with a British TVR body bolted on.  He produce the cars in that configuration, until the source of the TVR bodies …



2nd Annual Team Tanner and Friends Car Show – Benefiting Autism Society

A fun car show for a  GREAT cause!!!   Autism Society of Southern Arizona.


Bring your classic beauty, your muscle machine, your chopper,  your tuner, your daily driver or your project car!!!!  Heck – bring your farm tractor!!!!   You’ll get a swag bag with goodies (Car Guys Garages  free t-shirt offer, Hagerty Insurance and more) and a cool T-Shirt. There will be raffles for collectible die-cast cars, and other prizes from O’rielly’s Auto Parts, Hot Rods at Old Vail Road, car wash packages and more.

Come on out and hang out with some cool cars!!!!



I’ll be there with my 1973 Mustang and 2007 Corvette!!

See you there.



07 and 73

07 and 73








Barrett-Jackson Car Auction Scottsdale, AZ 2016 – Opening Day

As usual I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with the lineup of cars for this years Barrette-Jackson Auctions in Scottsdale, AZ.

I spent the entire day looking over the offering and even with other auctions running just before, during and just after, you are going to see some great auction fun!!!

One of my favorites of course are the Mustangs and there are plenty there!!!  That being said, I did not see a single 71-73 Mustang in the tents – but I do see at least one in the catalog.  But you have to love what was on display in one corner of this massive complex.

The Boss 429 Corner:


More coming up from Barrett-Jackson!!!


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Barrett-Jackson Car Auction, Scottsdale, AZ 2016 – Are You Ready?

Opening day is today in Scottsdale, AZ and follow me live on Twitter @agcarrestore for live shots, videos and commentary!!!!


See you there!!!!

Timbarrett jackson scottsdale 2016

1973 Ford Ranchero For Sale

I don’t often post up cars on Craig’s list or elsewhere, but I happened to run to the owner filling up the Ranchero at the Shell station down the street.

The pics in this post are from the Craig’s list ad, but I can tell you body is in great shape and straight.   The wheels are awesome looking.  The engine sounds strong and the interior is in great shape.

Take a look at these pics and it looks even better in person.

73R-1 73R-2
73R-3 73R-4
73R-5 73R-6

Has the 400 in it…very cool (only a 2bbl carb….needs 4bbl – easy)   Will need a transmission – easy to find a used one.

Wheels are great looking.  Engine was pretty clean.  Interior was great condition.   Sounded awesome!!!

Body was in great shape.  Originally delivered to DSO 74 (Seattle), so it’s a west coast car.

Check it out here:

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1973 ranchero1973 ranchero




Auto Factoids for the Week of Nov. 15, 2015 – Buick, Ford and Edsel

Welcome to this weeks Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids)!!!!

Back in 1977 on Nov. 15 Ford produced it’s 100,000,000.  It was a 1978 Ford Fairmont and rolled out of the Mahwah assembly plant in New Jersey.

1955 Ford Mahwah New Jersey Plant

1955 Ford Mahwah New Jersey Plant

Triple F (Ford Fairmont Futura)

Triple F (Ford Fairmont Futura)

This car was in fact, a fox body, but gets as much respect as a K-Car.


You can understand why that is when you see it  in the 4 door configuration


Now the two door wasn’t too bad – still not great!

But, you know me, I think any two door car can be made to look awesome…..






Back in 1906 the man who started one of the largest global car (and motorcycle) companies was born on Nov 17 in Iwata-gun, Japan:



Another millionth for the month of Nov.   Back in 1940 Buick produced 278,784 cars (about 70k more than in 1939) one of those was the  4 millionth Buick and it rolled off the line Nov. 17th.

That car was a Buick Super Coupe like this one:

1940 Buick Super Coupe

1940 Buick Super Coupe


I’ve been doing these Auto Factoids for years and this next event never fails to  make me scratch my head.  Yup it’s the death of the Edsel.   Killed by Ford on 11/19/1959  BOO  HISS

One of last Edsels - 1960 Edsel Ranger sedan

One of the last Edsels – 1960 Edsel Ranger sedan  🙁

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Auto Factoids for the Week of Nov. 1, 2015 – Packard Week

Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) for the first week of Nov. 2015. I’m going to call this Packard Week (like Shark Week only on wheels)!!! Here is.

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