The Delivery Trucks

I have always loved the look of the huge panel/delivery trucks or sedans of the 30’s and 40’s.  The rounded fenders and either separate or incorporate headlights combined with the tall solid panel sides gave them a great look.

The terms panel/delivery were used on trucks as well as stations wagons (sedans)  like Ford’s 1938 and 1939 panel/delivery trucks with the oval grille and I include even the windowed  Chevy Suburban, Carryall in the late 50’s.


My favorite!! 1938 Ford delivery Van

My favorite!! 1938 Ford delivery Van

The 1938 Ford panel trucks were newly designed for that year.  This included the oval grille and car like fenders.  You had your choice of V8’s either 60 or 85 hp versions.  It include cool options like oil bath air cleaner, oil filter and an available hot water heater…yeah in the truck!!!

'41 Chevy Sedan Delivery.  Another Favorite.

’41 Chevy Sedan Delivery. Another Favorite.

The ’41 Chevy Sedan Delivery was a new design for that year as well.  It also incorporated the passenger car features and a six cylinder engine that gave you more horse power (90) then the Fords V8s.   Chevy engineers solved a lot of issue with this model such as a new carb design to prevent the sudden stop stalling issues, newly designed water pump and a larger radiator to help with over-heating issues.  It also sported hydraulic breaks, synchomesh trans, double-acting shocks, independent front suspension and vacuum-assisted gearshift.

I mentioned the Chevy Suburban/Carryall which are great looking with a lot of windows.


'59Chevy Apache CarryAll

’59Chevy Apache CarryAll

1957 Carryall

1957 Carryall


These were basically for transporting people.  It was introduced in 1935 and in 1957 it had a lot of upgrades for example – hidden stairs and a new V8 – Chevy’s working 283 or the Trademaster 265.  It had power brakes, power steering, Hyda-matic with overdrive and electric wipers.  You had the option of rear panel doors or wagon tailgate!!!

I love this trucks!!!   But restoration is costly and I have a real problem with visualizing what can be done with, for instance, cargo space for the ’41 Chevy.   More seats?  Paneling and shag carpet? (I group in the 60’s and 70’s van era!!!)

Got a good idea for the cargo space?   Drop me your ideas in a comment for email me at

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1942 Chevy Carryall Suburban

Auto Factoids for Week of June 8, 2014

Let’s get right to the glory and the tragic historical events of this weeks Auto Factoids.


June 10, 1927 the Graham brothers purchased Paige-Detroit Motor Co. These guys started out producing glass and then moved into making conversion kits to turn Model T Fords in to truck.   They decided they wanted to produce their own trucks and made a deal with Dodge for the engines and selling their trucks though Dodge.  In 1927 they decided they wanted to go into the car business and make the historic purchase of Paige-Detroit Motor for what was $4 million dollars.  Renamed Graham-Page, they produced 6 and 8 cylinder cars using their own bodies (after buying Wayne Body Company) and light trucks.  Truck production ceases when Dodge threatened to enforce the non-compete clause of the original agreement.  Of note was the 8 cylinder engine they developed nicknamed the “Blue Streak”.  It soon became the name for the car. Graham brothers produced cars up until 1940 and only used their factory during WWII for various war effort production.  By 1946 they were producing cars again and farm equipment under Kaiser-Frazer name.  They eventually transferred all the rights to Kaiser-Frazer and their production facilities were sold to Chrysler.

Love this 1927 Panel Truck

Love this 1927 Panel Truck

Model 827  Circa 1929

Model 827 Circa 1929






June 10, 1951 Jaguar has it’s first Le Mans win and 4 years later and one day, the worse racing tragedy in organized racing history – 81 spectators were killed in the Le Mans crash on June 11, 1955.

LeMans1 LeMans2 LeMans3

June 12 1954 – Packard offers new cars with tubeless tires – major milestone!!!

June 12, 1975 – Chrysler Imperial is no longer produced.  If you recall Imperial started out as it’s own brand and then purchased by Chrysler the name was retired for a period of time and then brought back in the 1970’s.

1975 was the last year for the Land Yacht

1975 was the last year for the Land Yacht


June 14 1932, Happy Birthday to

Nicolaus Otto

Nicolaus Otto

Who gagraham paige car for sale

Auto Factoids for Week of May 18, 2014

If you thought last week was light…this week is weak!! Buick became a corporation back in 1903 back on May 19. It eventually became a major General Motors brand.
Auto Factoids for Week of May 11, 2014

Light week this week. 5/14/1969 – Last Corvair build. If you know only a little about automotive history or maybe politics or the consumer safety revolution of the 60′s and 70′s you’ll know the name Ralph Nader. With a little …
Auto Factoid 9/8/2013 – 9/14/2013

Auto Factoids are back!!!!   Lets just get started. Happy Birthday (Sept. 8, 1903) Preston  Tucker – nice cars!!!   On Sept 9th 1935 Studebaker put the first car on a Pennsylvania RR rail car headed to NYC  but the final destination was London.  (Actually there were 163 cars in that shipment.) These are …
Auto Factoid 9/8/2013 – 9/14/2013

Auto Factoids are back!!!!   Lets just get started. Happy Birthday (Sept. 8, 1903) Preston  Tucker – nice cars!!!   On Sept 9th 1935 Studebaker put the first car on a Pennsylvania RR rail car headed to NYC  but the final destination was London.  (Actually there were 163 cars in that shipment.) These are …

ve us this thing:

first internal-combustion engine to efficiently burn fuel directly in a piston chamber.

first internal-combustion engine to efficiently burn fuel directly in a piston chamber.


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Auto Factoids for Week of May 4, 2014

This one got lost.   Better late, than never.

5/4/1923  First Le Mans 24 hour race

-The original intention of the race was for a winner to be declared following three straight years of competition. The Rudge-Whitworth Cup would be given to the driver combination to complete the farthest distance total over three years. Unfortunately the idea would be abandoned after the end of the first three year segment, in 1925.

The winners for 1923 were  Andre’ Lagache and Ren`e Leonard and the accomplished that feat by completing 2209.536 km (apporximately 1372.9420186 miles –  :) in 128 laps in a Chenard & Walcker Sport with 3-Litre overhead camshaft engine.


This is an awesome looking car!!!

This is an awesome looking car!!!

Originally, the race was held for cars as they were sold to the general public…

...Not so much so today!!!

…Not so much so today!!!

5/6/28 – Chrysler intros the Desoto

Debuted in 1928 and produced for sale in 1929.  Desoto merged with Chrysler as part of the Dodge Brother’s deal and the name disappeared in 1960 and was renamed “Newport”.

28Desoto 220px-'29_DeSoto_(Auto_classique)


5/7/28 – Chrysler buys Dodge – Follow this – Mr. Chrysler started Dodge and booted out. Mr. Chrysler starts Chrysler and buys Dodge.

5/10/23 – Alfred Sloan becomes pres of GM – MIT grad – carried GM through the Great Depression.


Thanks for reading.


1929 desoto roadster




Auto Factoids for the Week of Feb 16, 2014

Sorry let this slip a couple of days.  Here are your Auto Factoids for this week.


2/16/1951 – Nash Healey debuts in US

This was a totally by change partnership.  Healey was on his way back to England for the US after GM refused to sell him Cadillac engines for his cars, when he met George Mason of Nash-Kelvinator on the ship.  For 1951 Nash-Kelvinator supplied the engines and drivetrain, specifically an inline six-cylinder OHV 234.8 cu in (3.85 L) engine and three-speed manual transmission with Borg-Warner overdrive, plus torque tube and differential.  Healey made a few mods to the engine like higher-compression aluminum cylinder head (replacing the cast-iron stock item) with twin 1.75-inch (44 mm) SU carburetors that were popular on British sports cars. This increased power from the stock 112 hp (84 kW; 114 PS) version to 125 hp (93 kW; 127 PS).  The car was longer and heavier than most European cars and although the 125 hp helped, it fell short of the original expectations that included Cadillac’s 331 cu in (5.4 L).

This what we here in the US were able to purchase for the first time in 1951.

1951 Nash Healey

1951 Nash Healey


2/18/1952 – Studebaker 100 years

Studebaker turned 100-year-old this date in 1952 and it offered up a few beauties for their customers.

Like the Star Light, Land Cruiser and 1/2 ton Pickup.

52 Star Light - Love the 'split 4 piece' rear window.

52 Star Light – Love the ‘split 4 piece’ rear window.


This huge '52 Land Cruiser would get across country with room for luggage!!

This huge ’52 Land Cruiser would get across country with room for luggage!!

Workhorse 1/2 ton pickup.  Hard to find one now that hasn't been customized.

Workhorse 1/2 ton pickup. Hard to find one now that hasn’t been customized.


2/18/1898 – Enso Ferrari born in Modena, Italy

Would you by a car from this face?



What if they looked like this?


Hell Yeah!!!!

Hell Yeah!!!!


2/20/1954 – Detroit – Chicago Auto show saw Dodge’s Fire Arrow

Ghia Dodge Firearrow II Sports Coupe 1954

Ghia Dodge Firearrow II
Sports Coupe 1954


That is a nice looking car!!!  If you visually mess around it a bit, you might see some resemblance to the Crossfire.  Yes?  No?

Maybe??   A little?

Maybe?? A little?

Or something from a different manufacture.

'64_Pininfarina Corvette

’64_Pininfarina Corvette


2/21/1948 – NASCAR’s first race – held in Daytona, FL

Historic First - a bit dusty...but awesome (no I wasn't actually there!!).

Historic First – a bit dusty…but awesome (no I wasn’t actually there!!).


And let’s go waaaaay back   2/22/1732 – George Washington was born in Virgina.


Well George didn’t actually own a car…but if he did, ask yourself “What would George Drive?”  Post up what you think the father of our country would drive today.


Thanks for reading.





Auto Factoids for the Week of Feb 9, 2014

Here are your Auto Factoids for the week!!!


2/10/1942 Pontiac stops producing cars for World War II

Eventually all the U.S. car manufacturers halted production, but many turned to creating something else for the war.  What did Pontiac  make for the war effort?

Pontiac began making an anti-aircraft gun for the U.S. Navy  in its sheet metal plant and produced Bofors automatic field guns for the U.S. Army.

Swedish Designed Bofors

Swedish Designed Bofors

Pontiac also supplied front axles for the M-5 tanks built by Cadillac and air-launched torpedoes for the U.S. Navy.

Air Launched

Air Launched

M5 Tank by Cadillac and parts by Pontiac

M5 Tank by Cadillac and parts by Pontiac


2/11/1932 – Ford develops it’s new V8

It as developed from 1926 to 1932 and was known as the ‘fatty’.  Compared to the straight 6’s and the straight 8’s it was. It was a flat head V8, the first of its kind.  Economically produced and was first installed and sold in the Ford Model 18  but the car was referred to as the “Ford V8″



I love the look of these sedans.  (Quit hacking them up!!!)

I love the look of these sedans. (Quit hacking them up!!!)









You pony car guys should really appreciate this innovation or else your Mustangs and Camaros would be a lot longer up front!!

2/12/1908 – New York to Paris Auto Race

The race was won by George Schuster driving the Thomas Flyer.

Car that won the first New  York to Paris race

Car that won the first New York to Paris race

2/15/1929 – Graham Hill, British race car driver was born in London.  He raced with Lotus, BRM, Brabham, and Hill

racing teams. Graham didn’t pass his drivers test until he was 24  years old.  He died when he a plain he as flying crashed in England.


2/15/1944 – SCCA  (Sports Car Club of America) was formed – I am card holding member.  It’s a great experience


Thanks for reading



Auto Factoids for the Week of Feb 2, 2014

2/4/1913- Perlman patents the demountable tire rim

(Few years later – Feb 24, 1925 Lewis K. McClellan got a patent for his improvements.)



Back in the earliest days of the automobile, radiators were brass, headlamps had wicks, cars were made as much of wood as metal, and wheels and tires were a single unit. The tires were solid rubber, and the wheels were wooden hub-and-spoke setups not unlike what you’d find on a horse-drawn wagon. Each one was affixed to the car by a single nut, and they were, for all engineering purposes, treated as a single unit.

The tires were about the width of a business card and provided roughly the same level of grip. On the upside, they were pretty darn tough. But, like everything else on a car, they would eventually wear out. At that point, you had to replace the tire and the wheel, even if the wheel was just fine.

Perlman knew there had to be a better way, and he found it.

His demountable tires (patent No. 1,052,270) worked pretty much like the ones on your car right now. A bead — that’s the inner rim of the tire — held the tire against a groove machined into the wheel. The friction of shallow notches kept the tire from rotating on the wheel, though some early applications used a cumbersome screw-clamp system.

The only downside was the tire-and-wheel assembly had to be balanced to prevent vibrations and ensure a smooth ride, but that wasn’t a big problem. Today no one thinks twice about it (except when they forget to get it done).

Perlman’s invention led to the adoption of pneumatic (inflated) tires, which provide much better performance. It also allowed automobile owners to choose their own wheels, which is one of the most common ways of customizing one’s ride.


From the U.S. Patent Office

From the U.S. Patent Office


From the U.S. Patent Office


2/5/1925 Ethyl Lead gas goes on sale

100% Leaded!!!

100% Leaded!!!


2/5/1970 AMC buys Kaiser Jeep

Now every knows AMC and  that the Jeep went from there to become an part of Chrysler and now is technically part of Fiat, but not too many people, outside of Jeep collectors where it was before that time.   Kaiser Jeep was created out of a merger between Kaiser-Frazer car builders and Willy’s Overland company.  Willy’s Jeep was famous for the jeeps built to support WW II.  Willy’s also made cars, but both companies (Willy’s and K/F) stopped making passenger cars in 1955 and continued to manufacture Jeeps, including the famous Jeep Wagoneer – the first soccer Mom vehicle, and the CJ, under the name Willy Motors.  In 1963 they changed the name to Kaiser Jeep Corporation.  After the AMC purchase the company Jeep Corporation was formed as a subsidiary of AMC.

1967 M715 Kaiser Jeep 1967_CJ-6_ Kaiser_ Jeep_01


2/5/1846 – The founder of Dunlop tires birthday  – John Boyd Dunlop – Dreghorn, England

2/6/1951 – Kaiser introduces it’s Silver Dragon

The Silver Dragon or Dragon was a option package on what was actually just the Kaiser Manhattan.  It had vinyl upholstery that simulated alligator and Kaiser was afraid that customers were shy away from the cars thinking actual alligator was used so they called it Dragon skin and the model was tag as “Dragon”.


Produced from 1951-1953

Produced from 1951-1953

1953 Kaiser

1953 Kaiser

2/7/1942  – U.S. Government “requests” (orders) auto makers to switch to wartime production and stop building cars.

2/7/1958  – The car world is introduced to the 600 Automatic Transmission  – Dutch DAF

The first continuously variable transmission (automatic) developed by the Dutch car manufacturer DAF (although one was used in England circa 1923 – guess it wasn’t a big hit back then).   DAF produced some ‘cute’ cars:

The 600

The 600

The car that made the automatic transmission popular.

The car that made the automatic transmission popular.


Thanks for reading.


kaiser jeep

Wheels Classic Cars: Buick 3800 V-6 Engine

1964, but in an era of cheap gasoline many motorists preferred a V-8. Thus, when GM found itself with more sixes than it needed, it sold the Buick V-6 rights and tooling to the Kaiser-Jeep Corp. in 1967. K-F named it the “Dauntless 225″ and used it in
1969 Kaiser M715 – M7.3

“My goal was to build an expedition vehicle. I had been shopping for a truck to design and build for sustained off-road travel,” says Kevin Mackie of Milpitas, California. The story of how he ended up buying and building this ’69 Kaiser M715 began with



Auto Factoids for the Week of Jan 18, 2014

Well we just returned from a weekend trip to Las Vegas celebrating my beautiful wife’s birthday. Of course since you see this post, you can surmise that we didn’t come back big winners, but I did bring home more money than what I started with and we had a great time.  However,  I was disappointed, I hadn’t been to the “strip” for a number of years and I was expecting to see some fantastic cars zipping around. High roller – flashing their Lambo’s and Farraris or even a Lotus or a classic.  Nope – not a one, unless you count the Ferrari that sat at the resort the entire time.  Very disappointed.

So back at the old keyboard and here are your auto factoids for the week.

Jan 20, 1942 – Chevy sends it last car off the assembly line until WWII concludes.  The bulk of the last cars produced were, for the time,  the very undesirable “black out” models – where chrome wasn’t used and the cars seemed muted.  But a true black out model is highly sought after in today’s market.

Auto Factoids

Jan 21, 1954 – …… Tell you what….guess what this is?

It’s a gas-turbine engine powered bus.  First displayed in NY on this date. This is a GM application the are others, including a “firebird” and some Chrysler projects.

Jan 24, 1960 – Volvo shows the world the P1800 Prototype.  The engine was the Swedish  B18 and it displaced 1800 cc. Topped with dual SU carbs it produced 100 hp.  The try was dubbed the P1900 but only double digit(under 100) number of cars were sold.  The engine was Swedish but the car was being manufactured by Jensen.  Jensen had quality control problems with the P1800 and by 1963 Vovlo took the car home to it’s Gothenburg and named it the 1800S (for Sweden).

I seriously like the lines of this car!!

I seriously like the lines of this car!!


Thanks for reading


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The HVA in Monterey: A Recap of the Monterey Auto Week

The HVA in Monterey: A Recap of the Monterey Auto Week.

The HVA team was back on the ground this year covering the massive automotive mecca that is the Monterey Auto Week. Check out the recap of some of the sights, sounds and sensational automobiles at this year’s events on the Monterey peninsula.

The week leading up to the Pebble Beach Concours and the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion is surely one of the big musts on any automotive diehard’s bucket list, has a little something for just about everyone with a need for speed, style and great cars. This year’s event saw the HVA team at all the week’s must-see happenings, from the week’s kickoff event at the Carmel-By-The-Sea Concours on the Avenue, straight through to Sunday’s main event on the 18th green, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and a little of everything in between.

TCM Award Porsche

TCM Award Porsche

Voisin - Beautiful

Voisin – Beautiful!!!


historic vehicle association

Sunday June 24, 2012: Stage Two | Historic Vehicle Association

words & photographs by John R. Paul While skies had threatened later in the day yesterday, they were gracious enough to wait until the overnight hours to open up and begin the deluge. The early morning hours greeted the 

Join the Historic Vehicle Association.

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Tucson Classics 7 Annual -BEST Car Show in Southern AZ – Highlights!!! Part 3

I can go on for more ‘Parts’ than there were Rambo or Rock movies, but I’ll stop with what I think was the star of the car show.  It was only on display, so it wouldn’t be taking any trophies home.

It wasn’t this Ferrari


Or this guy in the matching Ferrari hat.  (Hey Ryan)

Or this guy in the matching Ferrari hat. (Hey Ryan)


Nor was it this original Shelby Aluminum bodied racer

Nor was it this original Shelby Aluminum bodied racer

It was this car!!!

No what it is?

Know what it is?


It's a 1958 Scarab MK

It’s a 1958 Scarab MK I

It is a work of art, for sure.


Powered by a Chevy Small Block (283).

DSC_0037 DSC_0038

DSC_0039 DSC_0041

DSC_0042 DSC_0043

DSC_0044 DSC_0045

Beautiful Car.

Thanks for reading.  Go find a car show to attend.


Scarab (constructor)

Scarab was an all-American open-wheel race car and sports car constructor from the USA featuring cars designed and built by Tom Barnes and
Lance Reventlow

Shifting operations overseas to Britain , Reventlow’s team raced the Scarab cars in Formula One with little success against the new rear-

scarab carscarab car

Tucson Classics 7 Annual -BEST Car Show in Southern AZ – Highlights!!! Part 2

The thing about attending regional car shows in your region is there’ a very good chance that you are going to run some of the same cars, even in a show as big as this one.  Oh..don’t get me wrong I love looking at them but writing about the same cars is not very rewarding.  So I’m going to show you some of the cars I really enjoyed.


Of course I’m always drawn to the Vettes.


Maybe something in Satin?


Or maybe something with a bit of a sting-er


Or how about an Anniversary Grand Sport!!!
DSC_0135 DSC_0136 DSC_0137 DSC_0181

And this one made me miss my old C4.

DSC_0176 DSC_0177 DSC_0178 DSC_0179 DSC_0180

Lots more to come from the Tucson Classic car show – including – dashes and one particularly rare and extremely AWESOME car!!  (Oh..and it’s not a Corvette!!!)

Thanks for reading.


car show corvettes

Car Show Corvettes at Carlisle –

Corvettes at Carlisle. (8/26/2011 — 8/28/2011 ) Carlisle Events (717) 243-7855 1000 Bryn Mawr Road Carlisle, PA 17013 USA Show Details One of the largest and most fun-filled Corvette events in the world, the