Cars and Snow

Ye,s I know, you are saying big deal!!   But it was a big deal here is southern Arizona.  Even a couple snow flakes can cause a tizz, that alone two snow squaws dumping  2 plus inches each and then having  cold enough to stick around until the next day.

Vette - Nicely tucked in the garage.

Vette – Nicely tucked in the garage. Mustang tucked under it’s cover.

Normally this isn’t the normal scene, the snow nor the Vette in the garage over night (0nly happened because I was taking the Mrs. Lexus in for service.

Here are some more RARE winter scenes from Southern Arizona.


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One Response to Cars and Snow

  1. Bill says:

    No issues with your car cover+snow? I know covers can freeze to the paint and cause etching.

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