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Yeah…I know, I’ve been jumping around a lot and I’m going to do it again in this post – and there’s a good change I’ll do it again.  This blog has a main theme, but current cars ‘things’ pop up and I like to get them down before I forget.

I’m taking the Mustang to a car show this weekend.  For many that’s why we restore show them off, right?  And we mod them to show the off too…..just faster!!!!

But if you are an average guy like me, don’t take the shows seriously, we aren’t “professionals”, we aren’t making a living doing this sort of thing.  Sure we don’t mind the praise and mini ego trip when someone likes are car, but you have to have fun!!!

Now, having said that I my two cars have won 3 trophies, the Mustang as won one and the Corvette has won 2….but hold on there’s a catch. Well it’s not really a catch but something that can make it easier to maybe bring home a trophy.

We’ll talk about that in a minute, but first let me toss you a story.

I had a couple of guys help me with the Mustang.  There’s just some things that the home owners association frown upon – doing an engine swap in the drive way is near the top of the list.  Come on now….in a normal size two car garage who has the room to actually do that inside???  Hey….send me a pic of you nice clean garage…I’ll post them up here….under the post…Cleanest Garage of the Week.  OH…don’t have a clean garage (me either)…send me  your cluttered up, messy garage photo and I post it up here..under the post…..Desaster Garage of the Week.

Anyway these guys do some very nice restoration work, everything but their own painting.  They produce some beautiful restro-mod (we’ll discuss restro-mods later) camaro and beautiful Chevelle.  I was at a car show and parked next to one of their beauties and I took home a trophy (Corvette best in class).  Needless to say there was some groaning.

My point is have pride in your work and you’ll find people at shows that appreciate it, trophy or no trophy.  Now days cars show have tons of events going on in side them..they are more like mini “carnivals” you use to see in shopping center parking lots.  The large ones are completely a family event.  My wife has enjoyed many and she’s not a car carzy person..but girl loves a car with horse power.

Talk with people.  That can be the best part of a show.

OK..I have to get some work more later today.
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