Car Shows – The Paint Jobs

As with every car show there are some very good paint jobs. There are the cars that  have a traditionally paint with flawless surfaces and deep ” you could shave in them” in them shine.

Then there are unique paint schemes, ghost flames or custom air brushed images.

Here are a few from a recent car show I attended.

Check out this custom Ford pick up.

Two Tone Black and Yellow...that's not all

Check out the bed!!!!

That is some great air brushing!!!

Check out this VW Bus.

Front view

Side View

And for really interesting paint jobs. Stop by the  Bike section of the show.

Ghost Rider Bike

Even if you don’t like the paint you’ve got to appreciated the effort that goes into the work.  Nothing but pure art.

Got a kool paint job on your ride?  Drop me a pick.

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3 Responses to Car Shows – The Paint Jobs

  1. 3M Products says:

    Great job! Very COOL paint jobs!

  2. Bill says:

    Did your buddy Don paint any of these?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist to ask………..

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