Car Shows – Strange Things – Engines

You put WHAT, in that thing?

As I’ve blogged before, I love engines!!!

Another entertaining aspect of car shows is to  see what some people will stuff under  their hoods.

Check these out.

1956 Nomad....what's under the hood?? See below.

If You guessed an LS2 Engine, you'd be correct!!!!

Oh..let’s not forget this guy!!!!

Is that a V8 emblem? Yup!! Is that an MG? Yup!

Yes it's a V8. And no I don't know why!!!

And what would a V8 MG be without………………………………

Of course side exhaust!!!! Yes there is one on the other side too!!

Got any good pics?  Drop them off and I’ll post them up.

Thanks for reading.


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6 Responses to Car Shows – Strange Things – Engines

  1. You have some problem with comments being accepted?

    You should get that 1954 wagon description changed to a 1956 Nomad. That could be quite an insult to someone owning one. LOL

    • timsweet says:

      First time comment submitters have to be approved before their comment will flow. I get between 10-20 spam comments a day. I’ll get that Nomad reference changed. I know how those guys love their wagons!!!

  2. Tim,
    You have a lot of interesting stuff on your site. Good Job!

  3. Bill says:

    I wish I could remember the name of the company, but there was a guy in the LA area in the 1970s and 80s that would make DIY kits to put a 350 Chevy with Turbohydramatic into just about ANY car. He had Toyota Land Cruiser, JAG XKE, MG (like above), Vegas, Pintos, Jeeps, TR6 and TR7s, and even DeLorean (yes, the Back to the Future car).

    My buddie bought one of the Jeep kits for his early 1970s CJ, and I helped wrench. The transplant from straight 6 AMC to L48 Corvette 350 and auto was painless. I think the kit was a reasonable $200 in 1980s dollars, and had motor and trans mounts, driveshaft template (which a shop has to shorten and balance), and a few brackets to relocate the alternator and power steering pump. The instructions even had NAPA part numbers for belts and hoses to get the connections to the radiator and heater core right, and U joint part numbers, etc.

    That CJ (2 wheel drive) was a blast to drive. The L48 350 from the Corvette smog era may not have much respect from the Muscle Car guys, but in that CJ it would leave 5.0 Mustangs in the dust. Above 85MPH, the stability wasn’t too good, but around town from 0 to 60MPH that was a fun vehicle.

    If you know if the company I’m talking about, let me know. It is bugging me that I can’t remember the name.

    BTW, I think a MG with a V8 is a great combination. That would be the only way I would ever consider owning one of those cars.

    Keep up the great blogs, Bill

    • timsweet says:

      Thanks, Bill. I don’t really remember the company either but I when I lived out in Southern Cal for a while, the was a guy that did Jaguar kits as well.

      If anyone knows, post up a comment.


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