Car Shows Judging

There are basically two categories professional and average guy judging.

Now I must confess here I don’t understand the professional, there is just too much to know.  I frankly don’t know how some the of the larger shows can finish the judging – especially the contours judging.   Whether there are the proper pre-assembly marks and  is there the proper over-spray in the right places.  I suppose thats great in some respects and I guess is can see the necessity.

But I’m the average guy muscle car owner.  I like what I like and being judged by average peeps is ok by me.  I’d like them to have some car knowledge but it’s still not that necessary.

I found it interesting that at one of the medium size shows one guy called the Mustang a Restro-mod.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.  It’s period – meaning it could have been ordered that way at the time. Only real change is the larger tires and Center Line wheels.

The latest Hemming’s Classic Car issue has interesting reading on the subject of “original/survivor cars” vs “everything else”  I’ll do another post on that topic later on.

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One Response to Car Shows Judging

  1. Steve Sears says:

    Just like the word “restoration” I think “restomod” isn’t defined very well. To me restomod is taking a car and installing a more modern drive train among other improvements such as wheels, disc brakes vice drum brakes, modern suspension upgrades etc.

    In your Mustangs case I think it’s a restoration since you’ve used upgraded drivetrain parts that were available at the time of manufacture. It’s just not as manufactured anymore. By the way I love that red interior.

    Although my wagon is always a work in progress I would say that installing the interior from a 1984 LTD wagon may catagorize it as a restomod only because the upholstery fabric was not available in 1982. The seat style remains the same as manufactured. I also didn’t maintain the headliner fabric as original and I installed sun visors from an 86 Thunderbird. The wheels came from a 1985 Cougar as they were 6″ vice the original 5″ wheels so I can use the 205-70R-14 tires. In my case I’ve kept the drivetrain original. When it does get painted I may not choose the original colors. I haven’t decided.

    I do recieve the Hemmings Classic Car magazine and it’s a fantastic publication, very enjoyable and informative.

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