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I love going to car shows. I recently attended one of Tucson, AZ largest car shows called “Cops and Rodders” (for my 3rd year).  It is huge by our standards, over 500 cars, trucks, military vehicles, emergency response vehicles and a lot more. Entering my cars is a lot of fun and getting to talk about them we complete strangers, often having nothing in common with you except that love of cars, is a great way to spend a day.

Besides having conversations with anyone that stops by, I enjoy wandering around the shows.  There aren’t too many cars that don’t interest me.  Oh I don’t really care for the tricked out PT Cruiser with the giant stereo or limo-Hummers (or any other SUV in that configuration), but there’s something about most cars I can find to like.

One of my favorite, all time favorite thing are the painted dash boards of the 60’s and earlier cars.  The lines are clean, the surface is smooth and rather than dull down the interior it makes bright and colorful and the contract between the paint, the chrome that normally accompanies them and the gauges just stand out that much more.

Take this 1960’s Impala.  It’s bright and clean.  Not the dull, padded dashes of today’s cars.  Yes..I get the safety aspects and that’s a good thing, but come on, look at this and say you don’t like it…I bet you can’t.


1960 Impala

It's a thing of beauty!!!!


Got a painted dash?  Send me a pic and I’ll post it up.

Thanks for reading.


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