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I often get emails from readers of this blog.  Here is  one from Mr. Stephen Sears on car shows.  He emphasizes the social interaction as his main reason for attending and I say “right on”.  Thank you Mr. Sears.  Any one else?  Post the comments or email me.

Stephen P. Sears

....I'd drop you a line or two on car shows.  I have a 1982 Mercury Cougar GS
Station Wagon.  Unrestored and a driver.  I've attended several car shows with
my car and the reaction to it are very polar meaning many just hate it and many
love it.  I mainly go for the interaction with other folks and of course I'm
more interested in looking at the other cars and chatting with the owners.  I
could care less about trophies and awards.  I do get to explain about Cougar
wagons a lot and most have not ever heard of them.  I don't think I'd enter a
show that gives out awards.  It's not my thing nor is my car award worthy.  But,
I liked your comments about the subject. 

I went to the Fabulous Fords Forever show last year and made the mistake of
parking with the other Cougars.  Not one of those folks came over to see.  But
the Fairmont/Zephyr folks gave my Cougar a lot of attention.  I'll be parking
with those folks this year.  My Cougar is a close cousin to those cars. 

Like I said the important thing for me is the interaction with the other owners.
Way too much fun. Not to mention I can get ideas and tips on maintenance and
restoration for free. 

Stephen P. Sears
Ridgecrest, Ca. 

(permission was granted for posting his comments)
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