Car Shows (and some more)

Having fun at car shows is easy.  Here’s some tips on enjoying even more.

1.  Talk to the other owners. You’ll learn a lot and make some lasting friends.  Last year I went to a large show with both cars and I spend more time wandering around then I did sitting by my car.  I met a lot of people. Here is Tucson, AZ we get a lot of “snow birds” – people escaping the really cold weather and hanging out down here.  I met a guy from up north w/ a beautiful 1972 Vette.  The following month we accidently met at an all Corvette show in another town. 

2.  Take someone with you.  Since I have two cars, I often get a work mate (someone I can stand for more then 2 hours) or one of my brother-in-laws (yeah from the group of  mechanically talented brother-in-laws) and I even had my neighbor – nice guy, great family drive one to a show. 

3.  Let the kids sit in the car.  This is so cool.  Not to many owners allow this.  But I tell got here with me sitting in it.  !!!Flashback!!!! Remember my story about my uncle letting me sit in his Corvette.  Maybe it’ll spark some interest for another kid. Even better if safety permits I’ll even start the Vette for them.  Big deal you say… is the sound is great and the 84 C4 is a graphical/digital display – no gauges.  It’s dark and black before you turn the key and then it lights up and the graphs run up to the max and back. Kids love it. You’d be surprized how many adult will sit in them..and take someone take their photo!!!

4. Participate in the events. Vote if it’s set up for entries to vote.  Have an event at your car.  I once had a company do a waxing demo on my Mustang during a show.  Lots of folks came up to watch.  I actually liked that wax and that’s all I use on  my cars “JAX” is the name they sell under. 

5.  Have a display, I always have magazine about the cars and original advertising brochures.  I have given away some of my son’s Car Art he created. I’ve seen some great ones that fill their car with period correct items like Coke coolers and Drive-Inn food trays or even the old Drive_In movie speakers.  CAUTION SOAPBOX WARNING:  I hate the displays with the dolls leaning up against the cars.  I don’t get it.  You know what I’m talking about they have these dolls face first into the grill or the tire or the trunk lid…ok sorry… END OF SOAPBOX.

Drop me a comment if you have an idea or two, maybe with something you do.

Thanks for reading.  Don’t for get about the Clean/Disaster Garage contest.

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