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I love attending car shows.  Either as just a spectator or participant, I have capital F, capital U, capital N.

Today (2/20/2011) I attend  for the 3rd year Tucson’s Fords on 4th Ave.  A very good size show for the area, considering it was limited to Fords.  This year I was only a spectator the Mustang wasn’t ready for a show (needed a  bunch of detailing).

There were a ton of newer Mustangs, nice machines, shinny inter-cooled turbos and all the tubing, all nice machines, no doubt.  But there was a huge void of older Fords.  I love seeing the 40’s and 50’s Fords and Mercurys.

The stars for me of this show were the Fairlanes and Galaxies.  Yes there were 60 Mustangs, Shelby’s, Mach I’s and GT.   But the lines of these longer 60’s cars are just some of the best designed, ever.

Just check these out:

67 Fairlane GT 390


Fairlane 500

XL, 500 and GT Group shot

Group Photo

There more coming up from the all Ford car show.

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