Car Production Numbers. They Made How Many? 1928

The Roaring Twentys – a great time in US social and economic history.  1928 things still looked pretty good and no indication of the tough economic times that would lead to the terrible 30’s.

1928 saw 8 car companies fighting it out for market shares.

Chevy lead the way with just over a million units at 1,193,212 cars.  Ford was a distant second with 607,592 vehicles.

Surprisingly Willys-Overland/Whippet were in third with 315,000 (well behind Ford).  Hudson/Essex produced 282,203 for fourth spot with Pontiac/Oakland at fifth with 244,564, Buick was next with 221,758.  Chrysler and Nash grabbed sixth and seventh place respectively with 160,670 and 138,137.

Notes for 1928:

– Chrysler was getting its new brand ready for the next year – the DeStoto.

– Ford business coupes came with a rubberized roof.

– Chevy produced it 5 millionth car

– It was a record sales year for Essex.

1928 Essex Sedan

1928 Nash Special 6 Cabriolet



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