Car People!!

People love their cars.  Some people love only a specific make or model.  I case you haven’t noticed I have a thing for Corvettes and thing for Mustangs (yup Ford and Chevy).   I enjoyed this comment from a guy who left it on my Facebook

Andy from my Facebook wrote this:
Part of the reasons why I Love Corvettes, the heritage, history and traditions. To some it’ ll be just be a car, to others it’ s part of their lives. A true Corvette owner/enthusiast will appreciate all aspects of the Corvette, from whateve…r generation. They may have a least favorite but none should be hated or looked down on, because without the last there would be no present. I Love the great community behind this Car, it makes owning one so much better. Owners all across the world willing to give others a helping hand, worldwide Corvette events are held, some over 500 owners attending, a lot for good causes. To me, that’ s something very special because this doesn’t just represent a “Car”. It represents a special select group of individuals willing to enhance the past traditions, that is Loyalty!!. I plan to hold onto it for as long as I live. Something this special is hard to come by and shouldn’t be let go. Just felt like sharing this thought!! Have a great Sunday.See More
Brent worte:  Beautiful and well written Andy!
Tim Sweet –  As a previous owner of a C4 and the new owner of a C6. You are right on Andy.  Save the Wave!!!!
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