Car Lines

From square boxes to sloping roof lines to coke bottle shapes, car lines have evolved. Sometimes they  just went way wrong.

I’ve had my fair share of cars and their shapes and lines were polar opposites.  My 1966 Imapla (my first car) was long and sleek, my next car was a Dodge Dart boxy but with a good roof line.   Oh but it got worse, my first nearly new car was ….wait for it…..a Ford Granada.  Yes…boxy…maybe a little roof line, but it got me around.

After that a series of car including a ’70 Chevelle (you know those great lines), a European Ford Escort (while stationed overseas) and a 83 Camaro (that had great lines on that one).  I owned one more Granada and a VW Rabbit (diesel) and two Toyota Celicas ( like the lies of those), a couple pickups and my two Vettes and my Mustang.  They spanned decades and many different design lines.

Some of the worse, in my opinion, were some of the best-selling and some that go for huge money now that they are classic muscle cars.

The absolute worse were the pumpkin or watermelon seed cars (that’s my coinage).

Here’s an example:  1996 Chevy Impala

A far cry from my 1966 Impala’s lines

1966 Chevy Impala

Now, I was looking at the lines of my ’70 Mustang and I’d have to say compared to the ’70 Dodge Super Bee the lines (and include the graphics, moldings and even panel seams) the Mustangs lines are much cleaner.

Here is an outlined image of the Dodge:


I tried to be fair with my hand drawn lines.  The flow of the graphic and their  awkward end as they go to the relatively square door make it almost look like the designers said..”OH  Crap!!!   We forgot the door!!” The fenders have nice lines, as do the quarter panels, but in total it isn’t smooth.  HOLD ON, before any of you Mopar folks get all worked up, I’d own a Dodge Super Bee, in a heart beat, especially if someone parked it out side my house and tossed me the keys…and I drive that 383 like I stole it!!!

Now look at the lines of my ’70 Mustang…(are you sick of seeing it yet?)

70 Mustang lines

Just the forward edge (hinged) of the door being shaped it a big plus in my opinion.  The sloping of the roof-line into the trunk is another smooth difference, and keep in mind this is just the coupe, not the fast back for the sports back, relatively speaking my Mustang is rather square compared to it siblings,  the Mach I and Boss models. Compare the side window openings.  The Dodge is very angular, the Mustang’s has a smoother flow.

I could go on and on, we could talk about the 70’s Volares or the even move into the 80’s and talk about the Ford Fairmonts or Chryslers K-Car (I can hear Bill now!!!) but let me hear from you.   What do you have to say about car lines, past or present?

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car linescar lines

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2 Responses to Car Lines

  1. Bill says:

    OK, hear me now! YES, I do think the K derived LeBarons and Daytonas were some of the best styled cars of the late 1980s.

    Having said that, my all time favorite styling was the 68-69 Chrysler B Body series. This was the Dodge Coronet, Charger, and Plymouth Satellite, GTX, and Road Runner cars. YEP, that ‘coke bottle’ rear quarters with the ‘fuselage’ front fenders and doors makes a nice combination.

    I onced owned a 1969 Dodge Coronet 440, and really appreciated that car for it’s styling, and tire frying power. It is my dream to one day own another car like that, perhaps a Super Bee, or R/T someday?

  2. Steve Sears says:

    I think the Granada was one of the all time best Ford styling during the 70’s. Truely a mini-LTD. I wasn’t a big fan of the Euro version as I like lots of chrome. It was too bad Ford never built a Granada Station Wagon. Very sad.

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