Car Art…Love it.

I love car art…anything from poster, to quality prints  to cartoonish drawings.

On my wall in my office here at home I have 4 beautiful pieces done by Robert Hooper.  We ran into him in Prescott, Az and at a street fair and, I just have to have these pieces.

I can’t them off the wall and scan them.  So you’ll just have to stop by and see them….little joke there.  I tried to capture them with the digital.  Not great…but here ya go.



And the last of Mr. Hooper’s

I like these.

I really like this next one in particular…why?  It’s an image of the interior of my Mustang.  Let me know what you think.  This one hangs up in my office at work.  Little washed out as posted here but much better in person.

You have a piece of car art?  Let’s hear about.  Drop a note, post a pic or email an image to me and I’ll put up on the blog.

Thanks for reading.


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Let me hear from you!!! Drop a note!!