C4 Vette Valve Cover Replacement CLOSURE

Closure for all the blog readers. 

Finished this up today.  Here are some pics.  (Yeah..I know..forgot to take them before I put the air cleaner on…but you get the idea.)

Only issue..the thickness of the chrome covers was less than the originals and I had to get a shorter set of chrome bolts.  I have got quite a collection for chrome bolts now!!


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3 Responses to C4 Vette Valve Cover Replacement CLOSURE

  1. tony in tucson says:

    i like this, but as you noted on my pictures i used the LT1 valve covers early corvette type on my 84. i like what you did on your post vette though. much cheaper than those LT1 ‘s i bought.

  2. timsweet says:

    Thanks for the comment Scott. If you need any help drop me a note.

  3. Scott says:


    Going to attempt this project soon, and this really gave me a better idea of what to expect.

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