C4 Vette Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Part IV

So now I have the valve covers off and I’ve scraped the old permatex off the covers and the engine.

As you might expect the covers are a mess. 

A mess


The other is no cleaner.

I used brake cleaner to get them clean..well at least cut the grease and grime..and a paint prep to get the ready for painting.

I had purchased paint from the corvette parts supplier, specifically for valve covers. As I state previously it gets pretty hot under there.

That took a good portion of the day.  And here is the out come.  errrrkkkk….don’t worry the when you see the paint grommets, I cleaned them up nicely.

Right side


Right side

So that was a pretty quick bit of work.  While these were drying I cleaned up the engine a bit and remove any debris that was got in the valve area.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss just why I learned  they used permatex at the factory and tell you why I didn’t. Sigh..and I’ll tell you about what that decision cost me!!!

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to C4 Vette Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Part IV

  1. Steve Sears says:

    Wow that is a major project. What are we talking here now three days? I was surprised to see that Chevy was still using stamped steel rockers. I thought they would have switched to billet aluminum or something.

    • timsweet says:

      I was only able to spend a couple hours a day on it. The Crossfire engine started in 1982, using a new intake system (dual throttle bodies) on the old iron 350. Corvettes weren’t made in 1983 (well a couple might have been but not production) and they needed so shove a power plant in the new C4 generation (1984 – 1996).

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