C4 Vette Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Part III

And it continues.  My better half is wanting the garage back for her car so I’m spending a little more time on it in the evenings…ok…it’s 4/6/10 finished it tonight..but I have to post in sequence soooooo keep reading.

So I have them off.  The worse part is the lack of room and I’m pretty sure that’s going to haunt me when I go to put them back on.

This video shows the left side and gives a perfect example of the lack of room for maneuvering.

Hey..ya know..it’s tough, talking, pointing, thinking and recording..I don’t see a TV show in my future!!!!

This next vid is where, mistakenly thinking that cork was originally used.  Cork was not used at the factory so this was in fact the original seal. 

This next video is the right side after removal.  There is no room!!!! 

Ok the are both off and I’ll post up tomorrow I couple of things I learned.

Thanks for reading.  (Auto Factoids tomorrow too!!!)


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One Response to C4 Vette Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Part III

  1. PDawg says:

    Well, I took a couple of things away from this demo. First, yikes! How are you ever going to get all that back together? And secondly, love the gloves!

    And just so you know, this is remarkably enjoyable for someone who doesn’t know a gasket from a basket.


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