C4 Vette Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Part II

Here the next installment of the removal of the valve cover.  There is very little room in this engine compartment, as compared to my 70 Mustang, and I had to remove a few things to just get the covers out.

But first a couple of mistaken assumptions I need to clear up.  GM did not use cork from in the factory for the 84 vettes.  They used Permatex sealer gasket maker.  I got that wrong.  Carrying on with that assumption as I viewed the old material in one of the videos, I suggested that the gasket had been replaced once before.  That was based on the previous assumption that the factory used cork..in fact, what you will see in the video (post that one tomorrow) is the original factory seal.  With 64k original mile, I’m guessing that is correct. (Learning is good…oh and don’t worry..I have one more lesson to share…..sigh)

These next photo shows how tight it is on the right side of the engine.

The black outline shows the span of the valve cover.  The white shows the pieces that have to be removed.

There are a couple videos coming up andlet me tell you that aren’t great… its tough to record with one hand and work with the other…oh…well…you’ll see.

This next video shows the air cleaner coming off and a vacuum hose.

This next video is more of the same.

errrk.. I’ve learned that this blog take a while for video to process so I’ll have more video loaded tomorrow….errrk.

Of all the parts I had to remove on the right side the worse (meaning it’ll cost me later) was the A/C electrical sensor.  You can see that in the picture above circled in white.  Yeah….I know why the garage wanted $700.00 to replace these…..

More coming up tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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One Response to C4 Vette Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Part II

  1. Steve Sears says:

    It seems that every modern RWD car has a load of things on the right side. Even my Fords are like your Corvette in that department. It’s a wonder that anybody fixes oil leaks. My 86 and 92 Thunderbirds with V6 engines are loaded with removals on the right side to get to the valve covers. The left side comes off in 10 minutes. The right side takes at least four hours. Mechanics here get $70-$85 per hour.

    I think you will win your projects contest. LoL.

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