Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant Tour…AWESOME!!

I attended the Bowling Green Assembly Plant tour today.  It was really!!!!! awesome!!!!!

Corvette Assembly Plant Bowling Green, KY


The walk from the parking lot to the plant was filled with the smell of new car.  They must pour it out of every chimney and window.

They were building the Z06’s, ZR1 and Grand Sports…a lot of Grand Sports!!! (that is a damn nice car!!!) Amazing!!!!    Sorry no pictures were allowed.

Seeing all the parts everywhere and the hanging panels and frames…was a sight to be hold.

The tour was pretty quick..well maybe an hour…but I could have hung there all day!!!  I lagged behind the tour group and spoke with a couple of the workers.

At one stop, where they fill the newly married body, chassy and engine with fluid, the tour guide was going blah, blah, blah and I was looking over the cars and one of the guys walked over asked me if I had one picked out yet.  He said they seemed to be selling a lot of GS’s.  I asked him about the fender stripes and he said they normally just get tossed in the back and the dealership installs them.  He asked me if I liked the wider body and I said what’s not to like!!!!

We watched them marry up a Zo6’s mufflers, while another guy stuck in the tail lights and then on to the chassy.  Tire position was at a stop.

Actually got to watch a new Grand Sport come off the line and run over the ‘suspension’ activation section (floor) and then into the section where they align the headlights.

We  got to see a Z06 enter the final test chamber where they run 200 + tests in two minutes.  This one passed.

It was MOST EXCELLENT!!!! (Wayne’s World).

The NCM was good, but the plant tour overshadowed it…by far.   I’ll post up pics from the  NCM in the next post.

corvettte assembly plant

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3 Responses to Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant Tour…AWESOME!!

  1. timsweet says:

    Gumby via DigitalCorvette

    I totally agree w/ you, I could actually smell an “Excitement” in the air, and the worker’s enthusiaum towards their jobs are second to none! absolutely the best tour for the money! I’ve been 3 times and it just gets better every time. I felt like a….
    “Kid in a Candy store”

  2. timsweet says:

    mbwalker via DigitalCorvette

    Check out the Buyer’s Tour thru NCM. We’ve done two Buyer’s Tour…we watched the car be built for about two days the last time. If I was there any longer, they’d have to put me on the payroll.

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