Barrett Jackson – Recap Part III – 2013 Mustang 5.0

Ok now there’s no debating that I’m a two bit blogger with no car industry pull.  So Chevy, Ford and Mother MOPAR  aren’t dropping cars off for me to beat up or even just to test drive.

Nope, if I want to test drive a car I have to hope a friend buys one (and let’s me drive – given my rep it’s a tough sell) or I have to go to the dealership.  I’ve drove 100 miles out-of-town to test drive a C6 Corvette.  You really have to convenience the salesman you are serious and in this particular case I did and the salesman accompanied me out on to highway and on a remote entrance ramp allowed me to open it up.  That’s rare, normally you are lucky if you get to travel a couple blocks and maybe a spirited  lunch at a traffic light.

Ok enough whining.

At Barrett-Jackson the dealerships – well at least Ford and Chevy have a venue set up where you can actually test drive some of their latest offerings.  The lines are long and you aren’t going to be able to drive the Shelby SuperSnake or Z06, but there are some good rides there.  What’s more, you aren’t driving on a city street….yeah…you are driving on an auto cross track – short but effective.

So I got to drive the 2013 Mustang 5.0, 412 hp on this short track.

That did  I think?  That coming up in the next post.

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  1. hhhhhhhh says:

    2013 has 420hp 2011 through 12 has 412hp

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