Barrett Jackson Recap Part II – Shelby Mustangs

Perhaps is was my imagination but there seemed to be a lot of guys dressed like the late Carroll Shelby (dark clothes, dark wide brimmed hat).  What wasn’t my imagination was all the Shelby Mustangs up for sale, there were a lot.  Normally, there are quite a few but there were more than usual.

I grabbed a lot of shots and I thought I’d share them.

1967 Shelby Mustang:


Here is a quick vid of them bringing a Shelby GT 350 in from auction.  I had hoped they would fire it up but they were waiting for few cars in front of them to park.

I really like this next Shelby and the color, but it’s not Eleanor:

Here is a custom Mustang that looks to be pretty good imitation of  Shelby:

I like the wheels:

Check out the Shelby GT 500C

A Shelby GT500 E

And another Shelby:

And an interesting Shelby made for a racing team. (I will have a separate post on these in a bit.)

Here is a GT 350T

And although there were many more. Let’s round this off with a few GT500  – WARNING!!!!…some of these colors are ghastly.

You REALLY need the Drag Pack if you are going to show at the strip with this color of a Mustang!!

More Classic Mustangs and some new ones coming up.

Thanks for reading.



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One Response to Barrett Jackson Recap Part II – Shelby Mustangs

  1. Bill says:

    Good quality pics!

    My wife actually grew tired of the amount of Mustangs that crossed block this year. She said the Barrett Jackson TV coverage should have been called the ‘Scottsdale Mustang Auction’. I expected the overwhelming amount of Mustangs this year due to Mr Shelby’s passing.

    I find it odd that there are so many automatic Shelby Mustangs of the late 1960s out there. It must have been a popular option. I wonder why you cannot get an auto with any new generation Shelby Mustang? I know the purist will argue with me about auto vs manual, but in reality, the auto is always a few tenths of a second faster in the 1/4, or to 60MPH.

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