Barrett-Jackson Car Auction – $4.6 Million

So what  is Black, transports a rodent and is worth 4.6 Million Dollars?

That would be a Ford Futura converted to the  ‘BATMOBILE’.

It was standing room only when  the Batmobile  came to the stage.  It was very cool to see it in person.  Here are some photos.  I spared you the picture of the elderly lady running around in a Bat Girl outfit.  Some things you just can’t “unsee”.

Thanks for reading.  More coming up.



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One Response to Barrett-Jackson Car Auction – $4.6 Million

  1. Bill says:

    I recall that 4, ot 6 of these total were built. Legend has it that the first 5 were built on Thunderbird chassis (Futura was a TBird), and the final Batmobile built was on a 1966 Charger.

    It seems the car on the TV show did not have the items, or exact wings as the car pictured here?

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