Barrett-Jackson Auction Scottdale, Az

Let me start of by saying, WOW!!!   Of course that’s what I say every year I attend.

There is a lot of things to do (oh, not just car stuff but one of my better-half’s favorite  — shopping — everything from jewelry to purses to beds) , people to talk to and cars, cars and cars.  Car people are at their best when they are around their cars.

This year was a bit different for me, yes, I sat a watched the auction a bit, I really wanted to talk to some of the vendors (I have a project to work on) and wander around the various staging areas.

Some of my favorite vendors were the Karl Kustom Corvettes.  These are re-bodied C6/Z06 underpinnings/platforms and put some of the most popular Corvette bodies the ’63 split window coupe and the 67 Roadster.  These are outstanding looking cars and if they perform like the Z06 and I understand the auction price. Oh and it is not just the bodies, they’ll take your old LS3 and knock it up to 599hp and your lame LS7 to 650hp…I’m just saying!!!    Check them out at:

Normally they have some sort of racing event or car demo, last time I attended -2009 they had 4 wheel drive area to the lasted models of Jeep and Hummer, and drifting demo.  This year if you registered with Ford and Chevy (they walk you up to a computer and you punch your information) you were allowed to drive two of their latest models offerings.  Since I’ve driving the Mustang and the Corvette before, I opted to drive the SHO Ford Taurus and the 2011 Camaro convertible.


2011 Ford Taurus...Oh..don't laugh..this ain't your daddy's Taurus

2011 Camaro Convertible


Let me say this about the Taurus SHO …Surprising!!!!   It doesn’t look like much…but get behind the wheel and you’ll feel the kick.  I managed to get the  rear end to slide around (much to the Ford reps surprise) on the short track they had set up.  That car says “sleeper” all over it, but you’ll shock the guy next to you taking off from that red light on your way to work. (Come..ON!!!  You know you do that red light mini drag thing…yeah..ya do!!!)

The Camaro was awesome as well.  I pick up one if I had room to park it.

Additionally they had the Bondurant guys there and they’d give you a spinning the their Z06 as well as a racing school out of Utah, that made it known to me that they were a “real” racing school and used real race set Mustangs unlike the Bondurant’s “street’ cars.  They had a couple of cars there’s as well.

Here’s a few more pics and I’ll finish up a bit later.



Bagged Restro Mustang

Entry on to the Stage. A beautiful DeSoto on it's way to the block.

Factory Race ready Camaro



More to come.  Thanks for reading.



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3 Responses to Barrett-Jackson Auction Scottdale, Az

  1. Steve Sears says:

    Best car show on TV. But, muscle car after muscle car gets tiring. One day I’ll have to attend just to cut out the commercials.

    As to the new Camaro and Challengers. A bit bloated in my opinion but they sure do look nice, especially the new drop tops. I really do think that the Mustang is “right sized” but they too are heavy thanks to gov’t regulation.

    I’m not a lead foot type of guy but I’d sure like to try out the Camaro and Mustang sixes with the manual tranny. I think the Dodge sixes are wimpy…

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