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 If you’ve been reading my “stuff” early on, you know that Average Guy’s Car Restoration, Mods and Racing web site is not a commercial enterprise. The ads you see here are just products or services that I like. No money has ever exchanged hands. Even the Car Art page is offered gratuitously.

So I’m going to add one more advertisement – mine.

For nearly 20 years I’ve been in the Information Technology field and have covered every aspect from a programmer to project manager to my current position as Director of IT for a retail chain. Before that I served 12 years in the United State Air Force and prior to that a police officer in New York.

But I’ve always been a car guy. Since I was kid I worked with and around cars. My Dad was a life-long auto body repair professional and then an insurance auto appraiser. He owned several of his own body shops and I worked in them during school breaks and on weekends. He was a master with a paint gun and a perfectionist with the body work!!! He taught me every aspect body work from bondo work to porter-power and slam hammer to how to sand and prep a car for paint. I learned what excellent body work looked like and how to execute it.

I spent many hours on the road with him as an insurance auto appraiser, serving as his photographer and scribe. I learned a ton about that business as well as how to decide the value of cars and car repair and customer service.

Since then I’ve restored a few cars:

  1. 1970 Thunderbird (self-restored)
  2. 1969 Dodge Dart (self-restored)
  3. 1970 Chevelle (self-restored)
  4. 1970 Mustang (self-restored/project managed) – Car Show Trophy winner (Recently Sold)
  5. 1984 C4 Corvette (self-restored) – Two time Best in Class Trophy Winner(Recently Sold)
  6. 1974 VW Standard Bug (as project manager) – Complete
  7. 1966 Bridgestone Dual Twin (self-restored) – Sold
  8. 1973 Mustang SportsRoof (self-restored) – In progress (Follow along on this blog or search on #ProjectSportsRoof.)

This encompasses almost 25 years working on and with cars.

Classic, Muscle and Specialty Car Appraisals

I recently completed my certification for classic and specialty car appraisals and with my 15 years of project management (certification in project management from Boston University) I know what it takes to restore your car and help you keep on top of the changes in value. I use these experiences to give the car collectors and restorers the project management to help them complete their restorations and the appraisals they need to understand the change value their investment.

Here at Average Guy’s Car Restoration service, we offer (among other services) appraisals for antique, classic and specialty vehicles.

Here is the comprehensive list of services.

Certified appraisals for:

–          Insurance

–          Diminished value

–          Classic Car

–          Appraisal clause

–          Arbitration

–          Loan

–          Equity Loan

–          Bonded Title

–          Donation

–          Sale

–          Purchase

–          Divorce

–          Business Dissolution

–          Estate Settlement

–          Taxation

–          Bankruptcy/Foreclosure/Repossession

Pre-Sale inspections (know what you are getting before you buy)

–          Craig List

–          Ebay

–          Individual/Dealer Purchase

Restoration Project Management.

This is a unique service we offer to that car guy or gal who loves their car, but just don’t have the time, skills or want to manage a restoration or modification project.  Through my restorations, I have gathered the resources and the contacts throughout Arizona and across the US for making any restoration a smooth and professional process. This large array of craftsmen and suppliers coupled with my proven experience will make sure you get the best quality service and parts and all within your budget.   This service allows you to be as involved as much or as little as desired.

Here are a couple of examples:

1970 Mustang Coupe


From this ratty engine bay


To this beautiful engine bay!!


From this tired 250 straight 6 cylinder.


To this work of art!!!


From this engine display.


To this engine display!!!


From this placid pin striped coupe


To this sporting muscle coupe!!


But not just muscle cars!!!  How about this beauty?


From the rusted…..


body and frame.


To this beautiful…


drive-able, fuel injected 1975 WV Bug


From this non-running power plant…..


To this rebuild beautiful VW fuel inject engine!!


Need your hot rod, muscle, race or classic/antique car appraised by a certified appraiser?  Contact me!!!

Want to restore that family classic?  Contact me!!!

Serving Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and So. California.  Call 520-405-5314 or drop me an email at AGCarRestoration@cox.net.




IMG_4900 1973 Mach I
mustang1 IMG_4409

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