Average Guy’s Car Restoration Services – How it works.

I get asked often how our restoration service at Average Guy’s Car Restorations works.

This is a great question so I thought I’d lay out the basic steps, keeping in mind that each car and each customer is different and we do our best to accommodate those differences.

From a full-blown frame off restoration – like we have going on with the rare 1975 Model 110 VW bug, to a customized ride, to a simple refresh to keep the family classic safe and reliable, we make it happen.  Whether you are going to keep it, sell it at the next Barrett Jackson auction or hand it down, we’ll get it to the level of perfection you desire and it deserves.

To start we’ll sit down and discuss your goals.  This is a critical step for us to understand your goal.  As you know a key component of any restoration is budget, so we’ll have that discussion too, including your budget range, initial deposit and billing/payment arrangements.  Based on this interview we lay out the next steps and you’ll know what to expect every step of the way.

After we completed the administrative tasks, we get to the exciting part.  We’ll arrange to get you vehicle transported, safely and secure.  Our rare Model 110 VW was brought to us all the way from the great state of Iowa. We select only reliable transportation contractors to move your car, so it won’t be jammed on the back of livestock truck, which just happens to be coming this way. Once we have the car in our possession it remains safe and secure at all times including when it’s with any of our subcontractors.

We begin with a complete inspection of the car, keeping in mind the customers goals, to decide the logical progression for the restore, refresh or customization. We call this the ‘Project Plan’ and we give you that step by step document. You can then compare that to your objective.

One of things we love to do is document the restoration process and you’ll be given updates, including pictures, on a regular basis and comprehensive documentation when the project is completed. Our Model 110 VW’s owner has visited from Chicago several times to personally inspect her “Buggy”. We love that interaction.

So that’s the framework of our restoration process and to just show you the quality, here are a couple of examples.

From this:


To this:

The 302

The 302

From this

enginebay31 photo_3

To this:



Let me show you one more.

From this rusted out VW:

IMAG0845 IMAG0835


To this:

74VWFloor 74VWBodyOn-1

That’s the expected out come – not just our customers want but we demand.

Of course getting these types of results isn’t by chance, you have to start with skilled professionals and you have to manage each car like a complicated project with personal oversight.  Not a bolt get’s replaces or polished or a dollar spent without my knowledge.   With two double “Best In Class” trophy winners to my recent credit, you know the attention to detail will be there.

If you are interested in the process or have questions,  feel free to contact us at AGCarRestoration@cox.net or call us at 520-405-5314.


1984 Corvette twice Best In Class winner

1984 Corvette twice Best In Class winner



Double Trophy Winner








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  1. Bill says:

    Do you offer K CAR restoration serves?

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