AutoFactoids for 03/08/10

Here are your factiods for the week.  Enjoy 

3/7/1929  GM buys Opel….Really??? that long ago??? 

3/8/1969   Pontiac rolls out the Trans Am 

3/10/1927 200 mph barrier is broken by Sir Henry Seagrave.  He accomplished that in 1000 HP Sunbeam Mystery (also known as ‘the Slug’) 

SunBeam Tiger 1000 hp


A few birthday for 3/12 

1938  Johnny Rutherford (race car driver) 

1831 Clement Studebaker 

1921 Giovanni Agnelli – Agnelli raised Fiat to become the most important company in Italy 

3/12/1990 – First accident involving 2 air bag equiped cars. 

3/12/1948 – Honda was born.

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