Auto Factoids for 4/11/2010

We have a couple big ones this week. 

4/13/1904   Cadillac plant burned to the ground.  More info on this site: 

Hey, on the same date in 1965 Pontiac produce car number 10 million!!  We miss Pontiac!! 

On a lower note, Volvo produced its first car on 4/14/1927 

1927 PV4


4/15/1924  McNally published its first road atlas. 

4/16/1908 Oakland began selling its brand of cars. 

I believe they actually began producing cars in 1907.


4/17/1969 Ford began selling the Maverick.  <cricket……>  Come was a good car and getting more and more collectible!!! 

wait…for it….wait…for it 

OH YEAH…..4/17/1964……Ford produced the MUSTANG!!!! 

Oh..wait..that's not a's my 70!!!! ya go. 

1964 2+2 Fast back


Thanks for reading 


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