Auto Factoids for week of Sept 26 2010

Just playing catch up


9/26/1967  Everyone loves this car  AMC’s Javelin the car was in the public’s hands by 1968.  I loved the body style.


1968 Javelin



10/1/1908 – Mr. Ford began selling is Model T


Model T Ford - Rag Top


(they were all convertibles!!!…just saying!!!)


Oh.. you’ll like this one.

10/2/1959 – Chevy introduces the Corvair.  Believe it or not I’ve seen some of the sale footage and they treated it like a jeep.  Chevy had drivers drive up  embankment, up and down streams with water over the tires.  This gave Ford a scare but it wasn’t until they could put together the Mustang did they really have an answer.


1959 Corviar.

My Brother-In-Law's 1965 Monza...very nice car.


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