Auto Factoids for Week of Sept 19 2010

Yes I’m playing catch up with these. I’ll have another engine series coming up.  Enjoy. 

9/19/1970 – The Pinto debuted 

1970 Pinto

9/21/1895  Duryea Motor Wagon Company was created. One of the first companies in the US to build gas powered cars.  Their first was the one-cylinder “Ladies Phaeton”. 

a one-cylinder "Ladies Phaeton"

 9/23/1969 – Here’s a biggie….the debut of the Dodge Challenger. 

1969 Challenger (this is the TA)

9/24/1909    Virgil Exner was born in Ann Arbor, Mi   Who? didn’t just ask that!?!?!?!    Car designer for Chevy, Studebaker and Chrysler. 

Some of his work.

 Thanks for reading. 


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3 Responses to Auto Factoids for Week of Sept 19 2010

  1. Bill says:

    I like this; very nice. Remember that October 2nd, 1990 was the day I drove my LeBaron off the dealer’s lot. Take care, Bill

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