Auto Factoids for Week of Oct 3 2010

A lot happened this week in auto history.


10/4/1962 Buick shows off the Riviera



1963 Buick




10/4/1983 A new land speed record is set by Thrust2 a British jet propelled car.  It was driving by Richard Noble and reached a top speed of 650.88 but the actual record was 633.468 base on the average of two runs within one hour.

Thrust 2 - but ya's a rocket..not a car


10/6/1955 – Ford takes is Lincoln Continental to the Paris Car Show


1955 Continental




and on the same day ll years later (1966  — so you don’t have to do the math) Cadillac give the world a peak at the Eldorado.


1966 Eldorado - Here's a Pink one.




10/8/1959 – Ford introduces the Falcon and thus started a racing legacy. These cars were light and are still round as they make great drag racers.



1969 Ford Falcon - notice on much the tail lights look like a Maverick's



10/8 – Two birthdays on this date

1890 Edward Rickenbacker – World I U.S. Fighter ACE, created the Rickenbacker Motor Company which only lasted 7 year before bankrupting him – make the first cars with 4 wheels braking system. Owned the Indianapolis Speedway between the Wars.


1922 Rickenbacker Touring Car




1869 Frank Duryea – Created Duryea Motor Wagon Company – first gasoline powered car.

Thanks for reading.  Coming up more wrenching tips and the first  installment of the next engine series featuring Chevy’s 283 power plant.
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