Auto Factoids for Week of Nov 29, 2015 – Ford, De Soto, Front Wheel Drive

Here are your Auto Factoids for the end of Nov. 2o15.  (Yes only 24 shopping days left!!!)

Nov 30 1960 De Soto ceases production. The last De Soto produced were really the Chrysler Windsor, most did not sale, even though dealerships continued to received cars after the brand was terminated.

1961 Windsor

1961 Windsor

1961 DeSoto

1961 DeSoto


Nov 30, 1900 Germany patented an automobile front wheel drive. Although this is a common historic fact, there is some evidence that the first production car with front wheel drive was a French car. There exists a French Patent around 1898 or 1899. The manufacturer was Société Parisienne and the car was the Victoria Combination.

It was a lightweight two-seater trailer, known as a ‘Victoria’, combined with the back axle and mechanical components of a motor tricycle, but this axle was placed in front of the trailer and steered by a long tiller on which the controls were located. The first examples were powered by 1.75 or 2.5 horsepower De Dion Bouton engines geared directly to the differential, but larger engines of this make were fitted as they became available.

1900 Victoria Combination

1900 Victoria Combination


December 1, 1925 GM purchased Vauxhall. Vauxhall started out as engine manufacturer mainly for pumps and marine use (1857 – Alex Wilson). They began making cars in 1903. Here is a video of a 1903 Vauxhall. They are still producing cars using the Opel name under GM.

One more of it on a road test.

Dec 1, 1913  Ford fired up the first “continuous” assembly line.  (Olds is considered to be the inventor of the assembly line…maybe.)

Ford's Production Line

Ford’s Production Line

And just one day and 14 years later (Dec 2, 1927) Ford unveiled Models A which would soon be produced from this assembly line.  The Model A was announced on May 25, 1927 and sold as 1928 model.  Ford sold 607,592 units in 1928, nearly double that of the previous year.

1927 Model A

1928 Model A


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