Auto Factoids for Week of 6/27/2010

HUGE this week…I mean HUGE…for me at least. 

6/30/1953  – Corvette debuts at NYC Motorama.  That’s a big deal.  6/30 is also my birthday.  Yup…5 years later to the very day the Corvette debuted my parents had another mouth to feed!!! 

1953 Motorama Corvette..And so it began!!!

 What?  You thought my baby pic…No Way!!! 

And 11 years later to the day the last Rambler was produced that was 6/30/1969. 

1969 - Rambler made a few fine wasn't one of them.


7/1/1908 United Motors was formed.  They build car components, at one point include Hyatt Roller Bearing Company (anti-friction roller bearings), New Departure Manufacturing Company (ball bearings), Remy Electric Company (electrical starting, lighting, and ignition equipment), Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company, later known as Delco Electronics Corporation (electrical equipment), and the Perlman Rim Corporation. It was later purchased by General Motors. 

Also on 7/1 the Graham auto plant in Canada produced its first Prosperity Six in 1931. 

1931 Graham


Again on the same day Pontiac selected Bunkie Knudson general Manager in 1956.  Bunkie Knudson – race car driver and innovator. 

Another biggie….7/2/1992 the 1 millionth Corvette was built.  It was a C4 Convertible.  Grabbed a picture of it at the National Corvette Museum while I was there a couple weeks back. 

1,000,000th Corvette at the NCM. Photo from my trip.


Thanks for reading. 


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