AUTO Factoids For Week of 3/28/10

Light week this week. 

Audi introduced its Quattro in 1980.  Quattro was a 4 wheeled drive sedan. 

1970 AMC released it’s Gremblins (pun intended) 

1970 know you wanted one back then!!!


Here is a biggie 

First Plymouth Barracuda showed up 1964 

Not Actual the 2.3 million dollar Cuda..but get the 6 cycle and slap shifting and go!!!


The last Corvair was made in 1969 (April 1)  (some records say the last one was actually produced on May 14 /69 

I don't bother-in-law has one, he likes it.


Amphicar showed up in New York Auto Show in 1961. 

I actually saw one of these when I was a kid - drive off the beach and into the lake...thought it was the coolest thing.


One more biggie!!! 

Walter Chrysler was born in 4/2/1875 in Kansas. 

Thanks for Reading. 


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