Auto Factoids for Week of 12/6/2010

Here are your Auto Factoids:

12/7/1950 – Buick builds it’s 6 millionth car

1950 Buick

In 1931 on the same day the last Model A was built.

1931 Last Year for they Model A

12/9/1963 Studebaker stops making cars in its South Bend, Indiana plant.

1963 Avanti - odd little car.

12/10/1915 – Ford tops 1 million cars.

Coupelet 1915 Ford

12/11/1905  I’ve never heard of a Delage but here it is:

1905 Delage

Some fact:

– Started by Louis Delage

– Company they started, in a barn on the outskirts of Paris in 1905, was an assembler of parts.

– Car was a steel chassis from Malicet et Blin

– Sported a three-speed gearbox and shaft drive to the rear axle.

–  The power plant (snicker) was Dion-Bouton 697cc cranking out 6.5 hps.

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2 Responses to Auto Factoids for Week of 12/6/2010

  1. Bill says:

    My Dad was a Studebaker (and GM) kind of guy, and it broke his heart when they stopped production completely in 1966. He kept his Canada built1965 Studebaker Commander with Chevy Nova powertrain until it fell apart (rust) at 230K miles in the early 1970s. He had owned a Hawk, two Lark convertibles, a brief Avanti fun loving period, and his final Commander.

    I always kind of related to my Dad’s broken heart over Studebaker (which he waxed and waned on at most ever car show) to when the Daimler thing happened to Chrysler. I was a MOPAR, or NO CAR guy all my driving life, and respected the littlest of The Big as the hardest fighter in the car business. I liked Chrysler for what they were, K CAR and all, but when the Daimler acquisition happened, I wrote Mother Mopar off.

    Makes me wish I had went out and paid $10,000 over MSRP for those first Challengers that came off the line during that brief period that Chrysler was it’s own company under Cerberus management. Then I could say that I owned a non Diamler, non FIAT built bonafide ‘merikan MOPAR!

    Maybe FIAT will spin Chrysler off someday?

    Happy Holidays, Bill

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