Auto Factoids for the week of April 16. 2017 – Mustang, Lincoln

Hey guess what’s back?   Auto Factoids. 

Here they are for the week of April 16. 2017

April 16th, 1908 – Oakland car company sold it’s first car.  Oakland was formed in 1907 by Edward M. Murphy.  He was originally a buggy maker and then sold a 4 cylinder car designed by Alanson P. Brush.  It was a 4 cylinder car.

I believe they actually began producing cars in 1907.



The mother of all debuts, the Ford Mustang was on April 17, 1964.  Little did any one know what a success that little car would be. There were 3 engine available for the 64 1/2 Mustang, the 170 inline 6 cylinder, the 260 V8 and the 289 V8.  There were 97, 705 hard tops produced and 28,883 convertibles.

1964 1/2 Vert

1964 1/2 Coupe


April 17, 1969 another Ford debut the Ford Maverick. Just 5 years the Mustangs release Ford tried again to capture the magic my debuting the Maverick.  The Maverick was offered only in two door platform on a Falcon chassis and sported only one engine, the 170 cid.  That engine was called the  Falcon 6 cylinder with produced about 100 hp. Over 127k were produced in the first year.

1969 Maverick Clay moc-ups. I think the top model would have been a great look.  Although it did look a bit like the Mustang



Lincoln becomes  a separate division of Ford in 1955 on April 18th.  It came in a Custom and Capri series.  It took the form of 2dr, 4dr and convertible.  Believe it, or not the 4415 lbs car was considered “Sport” model.

Two door Capri


18 April 1964 Sunbeam debuts the iconic Tiger.   The Sunbeam Tiger a collectible car.  It only came in a convertible with 260 V8.

Referred to Sunbeam Tiger MKII or Series I


On April 22nd back in 1954 Hudson and Nash merged to from American Motors Corporation (AMC).  This would mark one of the last independent auto makers and brought us such coolness as the Marlin, AMX, Javelin, Rebel and don’t forget the Pacer and Gremlin.    Here are two examples of the AMX from a local car show here in 

1971  AMC AMX

1969 AMC AMX

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2 Responses to Auto Factoids for the week of April 16. 2017 – Mustang, Lincoln

  1. Bill says:

    Those Maverick clay mock ups have a lot of Euro Capri in the body lines.

    My father in law bought a 71 Maverick new; 200 straight 6, auto, and AM radio-nothing else. Handed it down to my future wife in 1981 with a little over 100K miles. She donated the car still running and driving to Goodwill in 1991 with 230K miles. It never failed to start.

    • Tim Sweet says:

      I’d take a Maverick and drive it around. Lighter than my 70 Mustang and with a bored out 302….that would make a super nice ride. Folks forget about the Grabber edition of the Maverick.

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