Auto Factoids for the Week of 2/7/2010

2/7/1942  Our government order the production of cars halted and production lines converted for producing wartime functionality. ( Hemmings had a great series of articles a couple years ago that covered what each car manufacture produced for the war-time effort.  If you can find them they are a great read.)

2/7/1958 – The Dutch DAF 600 automatic transmission was intro’ed.

2/10/1942 – Pontiac physically halts car production for war-time effort

2/11/1932 – Ford introduced this new flathead V8.  It had a good run through 1953

2/12/1908 – First New York to Paris Auto Race.

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2 Responses to Auto Factoids for the Week of 2/7/2010

  1. Steve Sears says:

    I’m not sure of the years but during that time Chrysler provided V8s to power air raid sirens. Later during the Korean days they used Hemi’s to power the air raid sirens.

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