Auto Factoids for’s Nov. already!!

Christmas is coming!!!….oh

We’ve got a couple debuts this week and a couple of birthdays.

11/1/1955 – Studebaker offers the public the Studebaker Hawk.


This is the '56 Studebaker Golden Hawk




11/2/1935 – Cord debuts is 810 model and at the same time Ford does the same with its Zephyr – both on the same day????!!!!!


1936 Cord 810

1936 Lincoln (Ford) Zephyr



James Packard was born 11/5/1863  – Founder of the Packard Car company – his company’s first car was 36 years later.

Edsel Ford was born 11/6/1893 – Henry’s kid, oh yeah..there’s was a car brand named after him

Carlo Abarth was born 11/6/1908 – I recently read about Carlo – racer (motorcycles/cars), auto designer linked up at one point with Porsche in Italy.

First Car show at the national level was held on 11/3/1900


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