Auto Factoids for 6/6/2010

Here ya go:

1928 Plymouth Code Q

7/7/1928 First Plymouth is made, some research suggest that it was actually  built on June 11, 1928.  It had  engineering code (or model) Q and had a 4 cylinder engine.  Check out the video on YouTube.

6/10/1951  A Jaguar wins the 24 hours Le Mans – it was a C-type version of XK120.  Here are a couple pics:

Jaguar at a race

XK 120 C

C Type

6/10/1927 – The Graham boys purchased what was Paige_Detroit Motor Cars.  The Grahams started out as farmers and glass bottle makers.  One of  the brothers invented a rear axle that would allow converting Ford car platforms in to light duty trucks.  Oh they are still in business – owning/running Madison Square Gardens and hosting sporting events.

Graham-Paige auto

6/11/1955 Horrific crash at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.  Here are the details from

Prior to the race, Levegh complained that the course was too narrow near the pit-stop area and the grandstand. This observation proved prescient. As Levegh was racing for the lead near the pit-stop area, he swerved to avoid fellow racer Mike Hawthorn s Jaguar as it moved toward the pits. Levegh s car, going about 150 miles per hour, came up too fast on Lance Macklin s Austin-Healey and was catapulted upward. The car crashed into the grandstand and its exploding parts went straight into the crowd. Levegh and more than 80 spectators, packed into the grandstand, lost their lives in the fiery crash.

6/12/1954 – Packard offers the first tubeless tires.

6/12/1975 – The last Chrysler Imperial was made.

1975 4 Door Chrysler Imperial

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