Auto Factoids for 12/17/2017 Datsun 510, Lexus, Ford Probe

#AutoFactoids are back!!!  I will be changing them up a bit but they’ll still be fun.

Factoid – The Datsun 510 in the late 1960s it competed with the likes of BMW on the front lines of the then-new sports sedan category. Paul Newman use to race one.

Factoid – Lexus SC300 shared a lot of important parts with the now-legendary Toyota Supra, including the same straight six engine.


Factoid – Ford Probe was basically a Mazda 626, and was originally intended to become the new Mustang. Thankfully, those plans were scrapped because Ford was concerned of the back-lash.

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3 Responses to Auto Factoids for 12/17/2017 Datsun 510, Lexus, Ford Probe

  1. Bill says:

    I can remember reading car and driver magazine back in the day about the new Probe. The claim was the Probe “would send the mustang galloping all the way to the glue factory”. Thankfully they were wrong (again).

    • Tim Sweet says:

      Yes. The entire Mustang was at the least going to have the under-pinnings of a Mazda. The Mustang Fox body ended in 1993. The Probe started in 1989 and when though 1997. It could have very well replaced the Mustang or have been re-badged as one.

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