Auto Factoids – Chevy’s LS9

Here some interesting facts for the new in 2008 LS9 engine.

– It was a combination of upgraded LS3 and LS7 components  and took 3 years to develop

– All 2000 units were hand-assembled in GM’s Performance Build Center in Wixom, Michigan

-It displaced 6.2 liters

– Bore and stroke 4.06×3.62 with a compression ratio of 9.1:1

– It had reinforced bulkhead to improve block stiffness and used six bolt steel main caps.

– Of note the headgasketts were cut to the shape of the LS3 but had four layers of steel.

– Remember the “tornado”? That device that was sold and was added to your air intake and was supposed to funnel air into your carb or throttle body, booting HP?   Well the LS9’s intake had “swirl ring” to improve the air flow.

– Sported the Eaton R1900 2 rotor supercharger, pumping out 2.3 liters of compressed air, but that’s all – this air was then super cooled by the Behr intercooler, that knocked off about 140 degrees.

– The valve were titanium on the intake side and stainless steel on the exhaust side

– The pistons were forged aluminum and the rods were titanium.

Here’s some output numbers:

At 1000 rpm – 300 hp and 320 lb-ft torque

The maximum was approx. 620 hp coming at 6500 rpm and 595 lb-ft of torque coming at 4000 rpm with nearly all of its top end torque available between 2600 and 6000 rpm.

That’s a rocket!!!!

Thanks for reading.


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