Auto Factoids 2011-1 Corvette Fuelies RPO 5789E

1957 – 1958  saw the use of the New 283 engine in Chevy‘s including the Corvette.

The Corvette was fitted with the Rochester RamJet and RAM’s horn intake as the RPO Code 579D.  But recently during some research I read that there was another modification.

It was called the Air Box Option, RPO 579E and it was perhaps the first production cold air induction system(at least for Chevy).

It consisted of a plenum box mounted on the fender well of the driver’s side.  The box was fitted to an opening in the bulkhead next to the radiator with an air filter inside.  The duck work ran to the fuelies injection unit.

Records indicate that there were only 43 produced in 1957.


1957 Corvette AirBox

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  1. That’s interesting. I know the early injection had some problems with collecting air intake just above the exhaust manifold. It being too hot at times. Guess collecting air from the wheel house solved that problem. Funny they didn’t use that system more, but then maybe they compensated for the heat in some other way. We put a shield over the exhaust manifold in the 36 Ford hot rod we built with the 57 FI 283 engine. We didn’t yet have it in these pictures, but later did the shield when we realized the problem. See the car here….

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