Auto Factoids – 1970 Mustang – Ford Assembly Line

Today is the anniversary of the assembly line created by Henry Ford, did he?

Like saying night is day or Pink Floyd isn’t the greatest rock band of all time, saying Henry Ford didn’t invent the assembly line goes contrary to conventional auto wisdom. But he didn’t. It was actually Ransom E. Olds.

I love engines and the options for a 1970 Mustang – like mine, were many.


My Mustang's Enhanced 302

The sixes consisted of the 200  (120 hp) and the 250  (155hp) –  mine started out as a 250


The eights consisted of  2 302 (2V and the 4V Boss), 2 351 (250 and 30o hp), 2- 428 (Cobra – 335 hp and Cobra Jet Ram-Air – 335 hp and the 429 Boss – 375 hp.

The transmission offered were – 3 speed manual Fully synchronized (currently the trans in my car), 4 speed manual sports-type w/Hurst Shifter and in the automatic the Select Shift Cruise-o-Matic Drive (more on that in another Auto Factoid.

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5 Responses to Auto Factoids – 1970 Mustang – Ford Assembly Line

  1. I spent couple of minutes at your www and i am very impressed, very good interesting post

  2. Bill says:

    My wife inherited her first car, a 1971 Ford Maverick with a 200 cid 6 cylinder and heater. No cigarette lighter, no glove box, one speed wipers, no power assist. The car was an automatic, and had 150K miles when she inherited it in 1982. She drove the car daily until we were married in 1991. It had 230K miles, and was respected as the only car to start reliabily on below zero days at University of Louisville. Thats right, hundreds of Toyotas were no start on below zero days that the ol’Maverrick drove away from school.

    For the record, I think this car had one transmission rebuild, several water pumps and alternators, but the 200 cid 6 was never touched.

    Mid-West salt and rust had claimed the floorboards when she was donated in 1991, but my wife to this day loves that 200 cid 6 Ford. Whenever she sees Mustangs at car shows with that motor, she pleads with the owner not to swap in a 302. You are lucky she didn’t get to you when you bought that Mustang!

    Happy Holidays, Bill

    • timsweet says:

      Tell the Ms. I will never do it again. What ever you do not let her read my next post..I am going to start modifying the Mustang again…more to come on that. Happy Holidays.

  3. Steve Sears says:

    Here’s a link on the first moving assembly line:

  4. Steve Sears says:

    Assembly lines have been around long before Henry did it. I think the difference is that Henry created the moving line where the workers stayed put and the cars came to them vice the cars staying put and the workers moving along.

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