Auto Factoid for Week of Sept 12 2010

I’m head out on vacation.  There will one or two more post prior.  Please enjoy and thank you for reading my “Stuff”!!! 

9/13/1945 – Pontiac began producing cars for the first time after the war. 

 9/15/1881 – Ettore Bugatti Born, Milan, Italy – I just so a Bugatti (modern) sold at Barrett Jackson for  over $700,000 

Bugatti W16


9/16/1908 – General Motors Incorporates – Aren’t we close to their new IPO…yeah..I think so…oh wait…I’m a tax payer..I already own a piece!!! 

9/17/1854 – David Buick was born on this day in Arbroath Scotland – yes they named a car after him – sorry…not funny. 

Thanks for reading 


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One Response to Auto Factoid for Week of Sept 12 2010

  1. Bill says:

    I think I once read that David Buick was a plumber that created a great, really high horsepower 1 cylinder engine out of toilet parts. Billy Durant really liked the Buick and (Louis) Chevrolet names, and bought those guys out to start GM. This was back when GM meant General Motors, long before the day of Government Motors. Keep up the great work on this blog site. I really enjoy reading it!

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