Auto Factoid for Week of 10/10/10

A couple of debuts for this week.

10/12/50 – Kaiser-Fraizer built their 500,000th car – 4 years later they opened up car manufacturing in South America.


1950 Kaiser-Frazers




10/13/1902 – Packard Motor Car Co was formed out of the old Ohio Automobile.


1902 Packard Run-About




10/15/24 – The original Mr. Government Auto Company Bailout. Mr.Lee Iacocca was born this date.  If that’s all you remember him for, turn your car lover card…this guy rocked it in the car world!!!!  This might change your mind…yea…the Mustang was his baby too.


How ya like him now???!!!!!


And now for the new arrivals!!!


10/14/65 – the Oldsmobile Toronado – a friend of my had one of these when I was in college back in the late 1970’s.  It was my first awareness of a front wheel drive  car.


1966 Toronado - Kool factor of 8.5 out of 10.



And one of my favorites

10/16/58 the Chevy El Camino arrives. Now I’m big fan of those fins!!!  These also spawned  the GMC Sprint and a few other variations.


1958 - Fin Heaven


Thanks for reading.






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2 Responses to Auto Factoid for Week of 10/10/10

  1. Bill says:

    I can’t help but add that Mr Iacocca is also credited with the minivan, and the return of the factory built convertible to the car market-THE CHRYSLER LE BARON!

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