Auto Factoid for 1/1/2010

Did you know that AMC’s AMX (two-seater sports car – muscle version of their Hornet) had a concept version that did away with the trunk and turned it into a rambleseat?  Yeah…they did.  Ya know I always thought the word was “rumble seat”.

Anyway it was part of their Project IV which was 4 concept cars that they took to auto shows.  At the time this particular concept was called “Vignale AMX”.   This was around 1966.  Jim Jeffords was the president of the AMC racing team, called the Javelin Racing Team, Inc. He liked the concept, and even though AMC was not going to produce the AMX with the rear exposed seat, he bought a few AMX’s and offered the rambleseat as a dealership options.  They were officially called, the AMX R  and had his name in badge form on the hood.  So it was known as the AMX R – JEFFORDS. Hemming Muscle Machines has a great article on the car in their Nov 09 issue.

TIP:  I highly recommend the Hemmings magazines.  I subscribe to Muscle Machines, Classic Cars, and Motor News. Good stuff.

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