Auto Factoid 9/8/2013 – 9/14/2013

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Happy Birthday (Sept. 8, 1903) Preston  Tucker – nice cars!!!


On Sept 9th 1935 Studebaker put the first car on a Pennsylvania RR rail car headed to NYC  but the final destination was London.  (Actually there were 163 cars in that shipment.)

These are what were shipped

These are what were shipped


Studebakers on the ship headed for London


On September 13, 1945 Pontiac began producing cars again after WWII.   Well sort of. From 1946 to 1948, all Pontiac models were essentially 1942 models with minor changes – like interior and bright-work.  The next “all new” Pontiac was the 1949 model.

Looks a like the the '42 model you say?  Yup.

Looks a like the the ’42 model you say? Yup.


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The 1948 Tucker Torpedo was a unique model which sported 3 headlights! #tbt

1948 Tucker Torpedo, ahead of its time…..
Documentary Tells the Real Tale of the Tucker Torpedo/48 [w …

Of all the great cars that could have been, the Tucker is right there at the very top of the list. Only around 50 cars were ever made, despite the fact that the company had the largest single-space factory in the world (at the time) 





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