American Made – Are you sure?

Ran across the article with some interesting facts about what’s made in American.

What do you think is the most red-blooded American car?

Maybe this 07 Vette??

Our government declares that any car where 75% of its value  is from parts made in USA (or Canada) the car is American made.

But here are some numbers:

The Corvette above is only 75%  US where as the Honda Accord is 80% US, Toyota Camery is 80% US.

The Ford F150 is only 60% US.

The Dodge Challenger and Charger only 70% US.

The most American cars on the list are  Honda Accord and Element at 80% and 85% respectively, the Ford Explorer at 85% (90% for the 2010 model year) and the Dodge Grand Caravan at 82%.

Now you know.

Thanks for reading


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6 Responses to American Made – Are you sure?

  1. Bill says:

    I’m still a ‘follow the money’ kind of guy when it comes to this subject. Having said that, I can’t make myself buy a FIAT sourced MOPAR, and it isn’t too radical to think that Government Motors may be sold off to a Chinese investment firm sometime in the future.

    So, I guess I will buy Fords from here on out.

    My two cents, Bill

    • Steve Sears says:

      Actually the Chrysler stuff has more German (Mercedes) content than anything. No Fiat parts yet. The 300s, Charger and Challenger has IRS still sourced from Germany.

    • timsweet says:

      Now you are talking Bill. GM will not sell out to the Chinese…they’ll try Fiat first!!

  2. Steve Sears says:

    The F-150 stat surprises me but not the Honda and Toyota. One GM plant is shut and one has laid off personnel due to the Japanese not being able to provide parts.

    We are indeed a world economy.

  3. Bill says:

    I’m still a ‘follow the money’ kind of guy when it comes to this subject, although truly FORD is the last real American Car producer. I’m not sure where Government Motors will end up, especially if we double dip severly economy wise. It isn’t too radical to think that GM may well be sold off to a Chinese investment firm someday in the future. FIAT will probably keep Mother MOPAR on life support for many years to come, but I wrote those guys off after the Diamler thing 10 years ago. I love the Challenger, but just can’t buy a FIAT sourced automobile no matter how great.

    Blue Oval for me from here on out!

    My two cents for the day, Bill

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