Abandon Cars – Verde Valley Jeep

I just love pics of abandon cars.  Not because I hate cars, but because it’s interesting to think what they could be if restored, or even ponder why they were left where they sit.

There a place in Arizona called Verde Valley.  There’s a train that runs through the beautifully green valley that you can pick up in Cottonwood, AZ.   As the train reach the end of its trip there is a farm that is home to a couples horse and a few cows.   The train stops there and make ready to head back to Cottonwood.

This jeep has seen service around the area, maybe hauled hay bales from time to time or feed sack.  It’s was modified at some point in its life to a flatbed.


Steel wheel partly buried in the stand and the highly sought after Arizona paint scheme.



It’s no frills dash still intact.

Looks as if all you need is to air up the tires and grab a cushion for the bottom of your seat and ride off in to the sunset!!!

Thanks for reading.

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