A Word about Windshields – Quality, Installation and Insurance Part 2

I’m going to ruin the ending, but I did end up with a quality install on my wife’s Lexus with quality glass.

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Tim…………………Ok…just kidding.

The ordeal continued when I told the shoddy installer that I didn’t want them to return and remove the fun house mirror from the font of the Lexus.  This prompted several calls back to my insurance company.  For about two hours I telephonically  (that might not be a word!!!) climbed the corporate ladder  until I got to the “Head of Corporate Glass” (that was  the exact title…).

The individual I spoke to, listened to my story, including the intentional installation of faulty mirror support, and assured me the concern would be taken seriously.  That part went well and the next part was even better, but first have to set it up a bit.

It seems that when the previous windshield was installed I was authorized the original glass because the car was under 3 years old.  That was their policy.  However, since the car was over 3 years old this time, they would not authorize the original glass, unless…I paid a difference of $800.00. (More on the price of glass  in a bit later.)

So I was surprise when the  ‘Head of Corporate Glass’ (I hear this in a booming God-like voice, like when God spoke to Charlton Heston in the famous movie “Mose and the 10 Commandments”) say, “We’ll wave the $800.00 and authorize you original glass.”   I won…I won…I beat the evil insurance company!!!…Oh hold the proverbial horses…the round-up wasn’t exactly over.

She next told me I had to have the same installer put in this ‘quality glass’.   Oh…the horses have stopped.  I did not agree and she insisted, stating that because of the warranty they (the insurance company) had with Mr. Shoddy Glass Inc.  it was required to have them re-install the new piece.   I said that I should have the right to have anyone  put it in and that whatever agreement they (the insurance company) had with them (Mr. Shoddy Glass Inc.) wasn’t my problem.  I also mentioned again their total disregard for the safety and quality which should concern them (the insurance company….ok…do I have to keep lawyer-ing up here?….actually I just want to see how annoying I could be!!!…I sure someone will let me know.)  and they would have paid a lot more if the swinging mirror resulted in an accident.  She still insisted and I asked to be moved up a rung in the corporate ladder and she said there wasn’t a next rung.  I said no again and she said ok.  Ok…let the horses go because this was a complete victory!!!! Score a point for the down trodden masses!!!!

Almost…..it took nearly 3 weeks to get the new glass.  The  first company I selected said they couldn’t order the windshield.  I said, sure you can.  A few day later, they said we can’t find the glass to order.  I called the dealership and got  the part number and even how long it would take to get in (two days).  I gave the installer the information.  One week later still no windshield.  I called the installer back and found that they called the insurance company and someone a bit lower than ‘Head of Corporate Glass’ unauthorized original glass.

So another call to ‘Head of Corporate Glass’ .  I wasn’t able to talk to HER (get it..all caps???)  but the lady I did talk to found the note from  HER and said sure, no problem.  I said “Hold your horses, missy”.  And with that we telephonically (it’ll be a real word when I done with this article!!!) found the guy that “de-authorized” my original glass and while we are all   conference together, had him talk to a 3rd installer and tell them I was authorized… with everybody on the line as witnesses.   Ok…party hat time and no can’t you get back time it took you to read this!!!!

There was one more interesting revelation when I compared the prices of the glass provided by Mr. Shoddy installer, my insurance company preferred vendor,  paid for the glass and what Mr. Speedy (yup that’s what Mr. We Know What We Are Doing installer is officially known as) paid for original.  I know why Mr. Shoddy was preferred.  See below:

Mr. Speedy –  $1350  for original Glass

Mr. Shoddy – $252 for OME glass (There was no extra charge the fun house entertainment.)

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